The postcard goes green…




I’m totally in awe of these simple postcards that transform into miniature gardens!  Just pop-out the frame, add the seeds, water and voila!  There’s even a little video demonstration here.  Brilliant.  Wouldn’t you just love to get one in the mail?

12 comments on “The postcard goes green…

  1. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Stephanie — I know, wouldn’t that make fantastic little surprise gifts for friends!? After all, who doesn’t love receiving snail mail? Hope you have a splendid weekend! XO Katie

  2. Sarah Esther

    yes please!!! I think these would also make great favors for party-goers or weddings… who wouldn’t love a little earth-love to take home with them

  3. ann now has Postcarden!

    Hi there,
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    Yes, I work for B5+10!

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