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I’m quite certain a clover boudoir pillow from D.Porthault would bring me good luck.  Don’t you agree?  The French linen company’s loyal clientele once included Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Windsor.  I want to be counted among them!

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  1. style chronicle

    I have a pair of the clover boudoir pillows in pink for my girls beds. I purchased them during Porthault’s big annual sale. They make me so happy every time that I see them!

  2. my favorite and my best

    i am partial to the blue hearts. but the green clovers are a close second.
    one day. although, years and years ago when the store Tuesday Morning first came around, my mom got a pair of d. porthault sheets for like nothing. i still have them. the pillowcases are long gone but the sheets are still in my closet. they’re for a full bed.

  3. Pamela Keogh

    This might be a bit insider baseball, but Valentino has the shamrocks, but in blue — had the material sewn up as tablecloths for his dinner parties at his villa outside Paris (w napkins to match, etc).

    Sales are twice a year — late January and July… worth getting up early for — the boudoir pillows are about $60/ and they launder beautifully — the colors are bright and vibrant. The Vogue gals in the old days (Diana Vreeland) used to bring a boudoir pillow on the airplane. Hamish B likes them, too.

    Why do I know all this?

    Who knows!

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