“Oh my God we live here.”


Yesterday I found a collection of printed photographs from an old roll of 35mm I’d taken when I lived in Switzerland.  These are some of the highlights thanks to my dodgy scanner.  If you ever have a chance to visit Lugano, Switzerland don’t pass it up.  It’s simply one of the most enchanting cities on earth.  I took these photos from a park on the water where we used to always eat gelato and sometimes study.  Our token phrase the first year was “Oh my God we live here” because between the lake and the tulips and the sailboats we found ourselves saying it aloud to one another over and over again.  Looking back years later it still seems surreal.  Here’s to you Lugano, hope to see you again soon.





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  1. Emily

    Stunning photos! I felt the same way when I lived in Bath and then Oxford, UK! Gorgeous architecture, gardens, people, and then general knowledge that you were living in a place that many people only dream of visiting let alone have the chance to live there!

  2. Kathryn

    Oooh! I visited Lugano 4 years ago and it was gorgeous there. Thanks for the reminder! I love your blog. Thank you for all the wonderful posts. They always make my day better.

  3. Casey

    Beautiful pics, Kate. Makes me miss my weekly San Sal hikes and random paddleboat adventures in the lago. :)

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Kathryn — Well aren’t you too sweet! So glad to find another Lugano fan. I think everyone deserves to visit once…it’s such a fantastic mix of Italian and Swiss culture. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, I’m so touched! xoxoxo

    Brandi — Well that’s a loooong story : )

    Casey — I never took out a paddleboat! How did that not happen??? I don’t know, but it is TRAGIC. Guess I just have to go back… Love you!

  5. Jenn

    Oh no, I was all mentally prepared to finally leave (it’s been 5 years in Lugano!) and for the start of the next adventure elsewhere but now I am having regrets!

  6. Piper

    I think Sarah said it best “OMG you lived there”!! Wow, incredible. That’s such a dream of mine…to just travel through europe….well, if I’m dreaming here, to travel around the world :) And I’ve always wanted to go to switzerland…it looks amazing. How long did you live there?

  7. Lauren

    I wish I had something poetic to say about Lugano, but all I can think is about how much I miss it. It is my own little heaven on earth. I’m supposed to visit in May… cross my fingers and kiss my elbows!!!

  8. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Piper — I was there for two years which flew by. Wish I’d stayed longer…sigh.

    Lauren — So jealous! I haven’t been back since I left and am in dire need of a return visit. Take pictures if you do go!!!

  9. Eliza G.

    Kate — I love these!! I sent the link to my boyfriend … we just got back from vacation there, and it was AMAZING. I highly recommend going back … its even more amazing as a tourist. You are a great photographer!! xxx

  10. Maria

    OMG – I went to TASIS in Lugano and to this day I think it is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. These pictures bring back some amazing memories and the need to take out some old prints and get them framed for my new place.

  11. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Maria — What a small world! My friends and I went to Franklin College the teeny American university nearby TASIS! Isn’t it the most amazing city!!! I’m longing to go back. I went to boarding school in California, but if I’d known about TASIS things might have gone differently : ) XOXO

    Jenn — Hi missy! I’m so envious you’re still there. I need to respond to your last fantastic email by the way. What exciting times you’re going through right now beetween the move and the wedding. I’m so excited for you!! XOXO

  12. Kirby

    I have to say that Switzerland is like a dream. I was lucky enough to get there once, for a long weekend while I was studying abroad in London. we stopped in lucern for a couple of hours and then headed of to interlocken for the duration of our trip. I have a plan to go back with some family members who would so appriciate it’s beauty.

    I’m so jealous of you right now.

  13. Anna-Maria

    OMG, my family lives on Lago di Como, just a short drive from there. I’ve spent many a happy summer day eating gelato and laze around at the lido. Beautiful – thanks for reawakening these beautiful memories.

  14. Design Darling

    i know this is the third comment i’m posting (sue me!) but i had no idea you used to live in switzerland — i’m heading there bright and early tomorrow morning! we’re going hang gliding in interlaken and i couldn’t be more excited. if it looks anything like these photos, it will be well worth the nine hour train! gorgeous!!!

  15. Sarah W J


    i am not sure we can be friends anymore.
    wwwwaaayyyy too jealous.

    just kidding.
    but really, i can’t quite imagine anything more perfect.
    thank goodness for pictures. you ought to blow that first one up HUGE and hang it on the wall across from your bed so you wake up to that every morning. heaven.

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