Peacocks by the bay…



While flipping through my old glossies last night I revisited this article about the San Francisco home of Alexis and Trevor Traina.  Written by Hamish Bowles for Vogue, the feature details the couple’s renovation of their Pacific Heights Edwardian mansion.  I found myself drawn to these two rooms in particular with all their bright white, sage green and lovely natural light.  Oh and the fantastic taxidermy peacocks in the Dining Room?  A gift from Trevor’s step-mother Danielle Steel.  She certainly wins the award for the most unique wedding present!  LOVE.

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  1. Natalie

    Oh yes of course. Kate you NEVER disappoint! Do you ever read the 1stdibs Style Compass profiles? There was one on Ann Getty (in which she told of the Traina residence) a few weeks back and upon reading it I dug up this exact Vogue article. Anyway I could just drink these two pictures you’ve posted up. And what a great article too – revisiting it now I recall thinking what a COOL thing Alexis Traina gets to say at the end, that the home was “born in the peak of love.” I love it. Happy St Paddy’s Day! XO

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Fallon — Danielle Steel has quite impressive taste indeed! Did you know Vanessa and Victoria Traina are her daughers?! They’ve been attending the shows in Paris since childhood! What a life… XO

  3. Brandi

    I had to reread what you wrote about these rooms — I honestly couldn’t believe they’re part of someone’s home. They look like something out of a posh hotel in some gorgeous shore town. I imagine poolside cabanas and drinks that just keep coming…


    I’m totally obsessed with these rooms as well! They are in my archives too! I can only imagine the kinds of glamorous parties that could be hosted in that conservatory!

  5. Amanda

    I would love to spend a day flipping through your old glossies collection! You always find the most amazing “forgotten” stuff! I love it!! XOXO

  6. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Amanda — Do you want to come help me organize them?? I literally have stacks of articles saved waiting to be put into the clear sleeves of my inspiration binders (of which there are MANY)…it’s and addiction. I need help. XO

  7. Piper

    I love that color green btw…such a gorgeous color! I can’t believe the wedding gift…certainly the most unique gift I’ve ever heard of!!! And the conservatory is just gorgeous…can you imagine the parties you could have? :)

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