Meet Virginia.

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Thanks to Pretty Mommy (disclaimer: I swear I am NOT pregnant) I now have a new scarf obsession.  Virginia Johnson’s ridiculously charming lightweight shawls are made of 100% merino wool from Kashmir, India.  Throw them around your neck as a scarf or drape them around your shoulders over a summer dress and voila!…instant chic.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve got my heart set on the one in the top left corner with the purple camels.  The cuteness is killing me.

20 comments on “Meet Virginia.

  1. Haley

    Oh Katie… your cuteness on this blog kills me EVERY day!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing style w/ us, and for starting your etsy shop!
    I am the proud owner of the pineapple bookends (and many more things to come I’m sure ; ) Have a fabulous day and I will certainly be in touch!
    Haley Thompson

  2. Vic

    This is so funny. I was just looking at scarves today. I have lots. I love them. You can use them for tons of different styles;)

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Vic — I have quite the collection too. I used to buy one in just about every country I visited in Europe, lots and lots of scarves. I couldn’t help myself—they’re so cute and such a versatile piece! XO

  4. Chelsea

    Kate- I am in love with those camels, and also have at least one scarf per country when we were in Europe! Can’t get enough.
    PS- Loved seeing the Lugano pics the other day. Am so nostalgic these days.

  5. Anna

    These are so pretty! I want the red and white one in the middle :)
    And you can TOTALLY make smoothies, if you’re scared you’ll mess it up just start with equal amount of frozen berries and juice, or frozen banana and milk, and then add whatever else you like. You will be so impressed with the deliciousness that can come out of your blender!

  6. anita

    love these scarves — but i have to say i don’t think i’ve met many scarves i didn’t like!! (a little scarf-obsessed :)

  7. Kirby

    lovely! a perfect accessory for those days poping in and out of stores with blasting AC… and trips to the beach ;)

  8. Brandi

    Oh I need scarves! Like NEED. I’ve discovered it can get just cold enough at night here that something light around the neck is quite welcome.

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