Get your coral fix here…

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I love stumbling across a new company that I’m truly ecstatic about and Moth Design’s lighting collection is no exception.  Just look at those coral sconces above—how fantastic!!!  I especially appreciate their sculptural quality and how they’ve been styled above the elaborate mantle.  The shot made my jaw drop.  Moth’s stunning collection also includes coral and twig table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers.  Just look at that green lacquered twiggy floor lamp…wowza!  Yup, I’m a sucker for any mixture of organic and glam…

15 comments on “Get your coral fix here…

  1. Ashlee

    OMG! How great are those sconces?! Thank you so much for sharing! Love your blog and have added it to my favorites! Best. ABM

  2. ashlina

    oh my……that first picture is everything i need in my life. i love the way to coral looks in the room. great post sisah!

    PS. i know. i know. eat pray love is the best thing since warm sliced bread. ;)

  3. Jaime @ DOXA

    I love Moth Design as well, there fixtures are exquisite! I used those very same sconces several years ago, love them. Also a huge Bon Iver fan…saw your post a few weeks ago…sigh;)


  4. Karen

    Those coral sconces are to-die-for! They could make a home look coastal without being cliched. File this one away in my ‘someday when I have a beach cottage’ inspiration binder :)

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