The whole world in their hands…

Globe-TrotterImg0347MI can’t wait until I to have little ones running around so I have an excuse to buy cool toys like this crocheted globe from Takashimaya.  Isn’t it fantastic?  They are 100% cotton and are hand made in Bolivia.  I’d take this over the latest video game system any day.

5 comments on “The whole world in their hands…

  1. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    Oh, those days are long gone for us but how toys have changed in ten years… This globe would have been something my younger one would have kept for years (just like his purple teddy bear which he still has but won’t admit to it since he’s almost 10!)
    ~ Carolyn

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Erika — My future children as well! I wasn’t allowed to have video game growing up and it was the best things our parents ever did for us. I read all the time instead…much more fun. My kiddies are getting lots of crocheted goodies! XO Katie

  3. Brandi

    This is fantastic…and a good way to start learning your geography so you remember that Africa is a continent, not a country. I don’t know what I’ll do about video games when I have kids (far off in the future) — I think they can be good now and then, as long as most of the time is still spend outdoors or reading or doing other fun things.

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