Dining al fresco…

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Jed Johnson Porch

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All this beautiful sunshine has me itching to dine outdoors.  Wouldn’t you just die for this any of these spaces?  I’ve always dreamed of having a home with a big, wrap around porch I could decorate with jute rugs, white linen tablecloths and french bistro furniture.  Can’t you just taste the fresh squeezed lemonade…?

(images via paper moon, absolutely beautiful things, and country living)

28 comments on “Dining al fresco…

  1. Simply Luxurious

    What lovely settings! All of this gorgeous weather has me itching as well for outdoor dining, working in the garden and simply sitting on the porch with a book. Thanks for the moment of awh. =)

  2. Kirby

    okay, don’t tease me… I know you lived in NYC for a bit and you understand my need for an outdoor space. I’m going to search high and low for an apartment with a deck or patio, terrace, garden… SOMETHING! it’s killing me!

  3. Naomi@ThirteenandSouth

    i can taste the lemonade and I want it right now!!! I would love a wrap-around porch too, but I just feel lucky at this point to have a concrete pad back yard. Wonder if I can squeeze in a few white bertoia wire chairs? Adore them.

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Clearly I’m not the only one itching to get a bit of sun with my meals! Wish I had a place like this and could have each and every one of your over for a big Neo-Trad luncheon…sigh. Someday!!! XOXO Katie

  5. Shannon

    I love all of these porches, but I would definitely want the first one since there’s a precious dog to join you while eating pastries and drinking tea. Just make mine sweet tea!

  6. Haley

    Couldn’t agree more! A wrap around porch w/ a swing would be divine.
    And so romantic too! Now I’m craving some lemonade… yay for the weekend!

  7. the designers muse

    Here’s to the end of winter and being able to spend more time outside. These are great photos showing how a porch can feel like an outdoor room.

  8. Piper

    I love all these pictures…I was trying to figure out which one is my fave, but I think I’m just liking the though of being outside so they all look great! (although i’m leaning towards the first photo….maybe because of the cute dog :)

    I can’t wait for it to warm up…we’re planning on getting our backyard patio in shape so we can sit outside and enjoy!

  9. Alaina at LiveCreatingYourself

    OH MY GOSH!! I have an empty deck out back that I’ve been sitting on (yes, on the floor) the past couple of days trying to imagine up what to do with it. LOVE these images!! Saving them all right now as inspiration.

    Thank you!!


  10. Amanda

    This is exactly what we’re doing tonight – having dinner outside on our pergola – a bottle of wine for Martin and me (lemonade slushies for the kids)! I love this time of year! These photos you found are lovely (I’m keeping a couple for outdoor decorating ideas)! Have a wonderful weekend, darling Katie! XOXO

  11. Brandi

    Kate, I’m absolutely floored by this post. Yes please to just everything on here. I’m so in awe even my cat is looking at me funny like something is up. One day, I’ll have a porch and I’ll be able to eat meals outdoors in the summer. And maybe if I’m lucky enough to live someplace where it’s warm all year, I’ll never eat my meals anywhere else.

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