Letterpress Cootie Catcher





I just about died when I stumbled upon this ridiculously awesome letterpress fortune teller by Sycamore Street Press.  Not only is it adorable and colorful, but the responses are hilarious.  My favorite?  “Did you SERIOUSLY just ask me that?  I won’t dignify that with an answer.”  I remember these on the playground in grade school with boys’ names scrawled on the inside, don’t you?

18 comments on “Letterpress Cootie Catcher

  1. Piper

    OMG, this just totally brought me back to grade school…we used to make these all the time! And yep, it always had boys’ names in it or we would have future careers…of course they were always the only careers we knew then…doctor, teacher, fireman, actress :)

  2. Brandi

    This is just fantastic! I loved making these with friends when we were young. We’d write our crushes name inside and then see if we could end up on their name. Awesome things like this never go out of style.

  3. Cashon & Co.

    okay, this is the best thing ever. i can’t tell you how many of these *( my kids call them fortune tellers) that i have had to make this year for my sons and their friends!!! maybe i’ll surprise them and put in the Bob Saget answer?!

  4. Karen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! This and MASH definitely took up hours and hours of time back in the day. It would be nice if boy decisions were this easy still ;)

    This makes me want to figure out how to turn it into an invite. Hmmm.

  5. AbbieBabble

    These are so, so cool.
    Just the other day, I was talking to a bunch of international grad students at work, and we found out that cootie catchers are a universal thing- people from Saudia Arabia, China, India and a couple of places in South America had all made them growing up. I thought that was fascinating.

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