Shell Chic





The new dessert plates and platter at top from Anthropologie immediately caught my eye.  The lovely watercolors were created by self-taught New Orleans artist Shelley Hesse.  I swung by Shelley’s website and she is clearly just as adorable as her charming work!  Above, a snapshot of Miss Hesse and one of her original shell study paintings.  Aren’t the plates perfect for spring?

14 comments on “Shell Chic

  1. Natalie

    Soo perfect! Love these Kate. I had my toast this morning on a wintry plaid plate and realized that – much as I love tartan – my wintry plaid plates are on borrowed time. Will be dropping into Antrho after work to see if they have these in stock! XO

  2. Marija

    I have a serious weakness for dessert plates for some strange reason. I used to be infatuated with plates and china period, but lately it’s dessert plates. Okay, I still like all plates but dessert plates make me particularly happy :) marija

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