With the dress…


If I’m going to be wearing a flowing ivory bridal gown you can bet I’ll be hiding something fun on my feet!  Since we’re going California casual I think flat sandals are a must.  I’m currently lusting after these Sigerson Morrison Leather Fringed and Lanvin Pom Poms.  Shhhhhhhh, I know that they cost more than the dress, just let me dream…  Though if you have suggestions, as always, do tell!

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  1. Kate

    I love the first ones!

    If you like the lanvin ones, the Gap has some sandals right now that look really similar.

  2. a lovely being

    ugh, I’m completely torn! they’re both great. but I think there’s something really fun about hiding unexpected, bright shoes underneath a wedding gown.. so maybe the Lanvin ones? Good luck!
    XO fallon

  3. sandy

    awww I love these shoes but they are pricey! Try jcrew or piperlime too!! I LOVE fun, colorful shoes under a bridal gown, makes for cool pictures!!

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Sandy — My thinking exactly. Good call on the J.Crew / Piperlime!

    Lacquered Life — Clearly great minds think alike. Sounds like Piperlime has quite the selection. Off to check it out now, thank you!!! XO

  5. Abbie

    LOVE them both. I actually just bought a couple of different pairs from Old Navy. They’re all metallic– one in silver and another in metallic rose. The way I look at it… if you’re going to wear the shoes again and again after the wedding, then it’s okay if you spend a little more. It’s when they’re a “one time, good time” pair that I can’t justify it.

  6. paula

    love the first ones and I am sure their will be a knock off somewhere soon. Oh, and the first dress is on my list “if I could do my wedding again this is what I would wear” list.

  7. Caroline

    I wore gold sandal flats, and they were so comfy. Then for dancing I put on sparkled converse, and boy was I able to dance. I love both of those sandals. XO

  8. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Caroline — Sparkled converse?! You’re my hero.

    Ivy Lane — If only!! I like your thinking, if only my wallet would allow it!

    Blue Hydrangea — The honeymoon! I’d almost forgotten about it, isn’t that horrible? I think we’re just going to take a mini-one to Santa Barbara for a few days…but yes, the sandals would be perfect! XO

    Michelle — This is true…ugh…I just don’t know if I can pull the trigger. But they’re SO fun…sigh.

  9. roomservice

    Lanvin allll the way!
    They are so special and unique- something you will treasure forever. And such a fun conversation piece for years to come.

    P.S: What girl doesn’t want French couture on her feet for the happiest day of her life?

  10. kiri

    It’s completly redic!!! that you would spend 4 or 5 hundrend dollars on a pair of sandles- I don’t care how much money you have, redic!! there are hungry people in this world!

  11. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Kiri — I find your honesty refreshing. I can assure I’ve never spent this amount on shoes, hence the “dream”… To each their own, but I too find it a bit hard to swallow. The other argument of course, is that fashion is art and people splurge on these things as they would paintings. I can understand that. And hopefully, they’re giving to charity far more than they spend on their footwear! Also, women spend thousands on bridal gowns and no one bats an eye. I have a feeling if I’d said I was spending $950 on my gown (I’m only spending $395) and $50 on footwear you wouldn’t have thought it so extravagant, though it adds up to the same. Just an observation : ) I really am glad you spoke up. It’s a fine line I know. I personally choose not to judge on such matters…I love beautiful things and think a couture closet rivals many a museum. XO

  12. kiri

    a fine line for sure- did not mean to sound preachy, think both shoes are fab- all for quality over quanity $500.00 for a pair of sandles just goes against my grain.

  13. kiri

    read it every day and snatch those quotes and share regularly! also feel as though the manifesto was written for me!

  14. Anna/quilted giraffe

    Piperlime has a bunch of cute (not Gap prices but also not Lanvin!) right now:






  15. Haydee

    Honestly I love both of these but I think the pink Lanvin’s are a bit more fun and whimsical. But is that what you’re going for? BTW … the gold Dolce & Gabbana shoes I wore were absolutely more expensive than my dress. I say roll with it:)

  16. Jenny

    Great idea! I wore green slingbacks with my wedding dress (they matched the orchids in my bouquet) – I love the idea of fun shoes at a wedding! Both of these are great!

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