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Just read THIS fascinating old article on the 2008 fire at Paris’ famous taxidermy establishment, Deyrolle.  I’ve yet to visit and am dying to see all its beasts and butterflies in person.  The collection began in 1831 and since the fire has been lovingly restored thanks to the efforts of Prince Louis Albert de Broglie (pictured at top), Hermès, Christie’s, and the French Army.  I know some find it repulsive, but I definitely have an odd fascination with taxidermy.  Wes Anderson does too.

I’m curious how you feel about it ladies—intrigued or horrified?

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  1. Stevi

    I’m not a huge fan of taxidermy, I think it is a little odd, Norman Bates or something. haha. But, I am from a small hunting town and most of my friends had deer, bear rugs, and mountain lions in their I am not repulsed by it just not my favorite. :)

  2. Piper

    Ooh great question – it’s funny because in actuality i find taxidermy a bit creepy…but i find myself coming across pictures of rooms that i like that have these strange creatures in them. so i think it’s one of those – it’s much better in fantasy than reality for me!

  3. a lovely being

    Ooh, I hate to admit that I have a fascination with taxidermy as well. Only so long as it’s vintage, though (I would never buy anything new). And I would also never be OK with buying exotic animals from a taxidermist. It almost makes me sad to see these stuffed zebras and lions sitting in this store in NYC. But I guess if they were vintage, I would be OK with it? Is that hypocritical? A few months ago, I was at a vintage store near Saint Mary’s and came across someone’s stuffed cocker spaniel– now THAT was horrifying!

  4. Amanda

    I LOVE these pretty butterflies! I’m on the fence about taxidermy. It all looks cool here, but I couldn’t have it in my home. Plus, the kids just watched Jumanji for the first time the other night and I’m sure they would not take kindly to having these beasts in our house, waiting to come alive (they were pretty freaked out)! xoxo

  5. Paige

    I cannot get enough of taxidermy! Sad but true. The butterflies are my favorite; I’m a wannabe lepidopterist after reading Nabokov for a year straight. Now I dream of going to Paris to visit Taxidermy Paradise. Beso from BA !

  6. Erin

    Traditional taxidermy, like the racoon mounted on a branch, freaks me out, but I have been wanting to see Deyrolle for so long. It is amazing how they recovered from their fire, I so long to see the insects and beautifully preserved wildlife.

  7. Lauren

    I kind of find them more fascinating than horrifying. The taxidermy peacocks from about a week ago are really elegant. Is it awful that when I looked at the picture of Wes Anderson and saw the little cheetah cub all I wanted to do was pet it and speak baby talk to it?

  8. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Ashlina — Have a great weekend as well missy!

    Christina — Ohhh I’ve been dying to see Fantastic Mr. Fox, thanks for the heads up!! And glad you like the blog, I’m touched : )

  9. Ashley

    I JUST learned about how taxidermy works on a howstuffworks podcast today. Apparently a standing bear will only run you about $2000. One winter when I was young I found a perfectly frozen cat in my backyard and my mom made me dispose of it. Needless to say I was pretty traumatized and have no desired to be around mounted animals.

  10. Jenny

    My grandparents had a lot of taxidermy items (is that what you call them- ha!), my grandpa was a hunter. Taxidermy animals just scare me. However, I also worked in the North Carolina dept of Agriculture’s insect museum while I was in college and mounted insects are fascinating to me. I’m weird that way ;o)

  11. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Ashley — Yay for NPR! Making John download that podcast for me. He’s an NPR podcast addict. I’ve always wondered how they do it!! XO

    Jenny — So cool! I wish my grandparents had taxidermy, no such luck. And I like insects too, that are dead and mounted under glass that is : ) XO

  12. Habitually Chic

    Stefan and I made a visit to Deyrolle while we were in Paris and it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. Since they had to renovate after the fire, everything looks new. I was expecting a dusty old haunt. But it was still cool and they had some birds that we liked but they cost as much as the Lanvin bracelets and you know which one won out!

  13. Andrea

    Deyrolle is one of my all-time favourite shops in Paris. I started my son’s fascination with taxidermy when I bought him a giant green insect there. He now has piranhas, a sparrow hawk, various butterflies, beetles, a bat and a giant turtle (over 100 years old, apparently that makes it pc). Luckily anything larger is ridiculously expensive, so no stuffed zebras in our house.

  14. Nan

    I too have a strange affinity for taxidermy, particularly restored skeletal remains. It sounds terrible, but I think bones are just lovely…their simple lines and symmetry. For valentine’s day last year my husband gave me a beautiful boar skull…it sits on our mantel and I just love it.

  15. jane

    I am kind of intrigued and horrified in equal measure! I don’t think I”d want any in my own home, but I can see the appeal. I’m a HUGE fan of natural history museums and the like. Deyrolle sounds fascinating, thanks for the link!

  16. plaisirs simples

    oh i have ALWAYS been totally intrigued by this place and was devastated when it burned down. i have to say…i’m a fan of taxidermy though….it can be really quite beautiful!

  17. ashley

    funny- i just listened to that “how stuff works” podcast today too. I checked out the site they mentioned : which has all sorts of crazy taxidermy turned art. i heart taxidermy, and definitely loving this get up:

    kate, i love your blog and its great to see what a fabulous life you have made for yourself. I think we have both come a long way since we were neighbors on Tamarisk :)

  18. Rachel

    Not a huge fan of the taxidermy. It doesn’t really offend me, but it’s just not for me.

    I do like the butterflies, though! Is that really considered taxidermy??

  19. Kit

    I have to admit I like Deyrolles a lot..before and after the fire. It fascinates and is definitely worth the trip. But I do think a little original taxidermy goes a long way..and I don’t like contemporary taxidermy, just let’s use the old stuff and leave it at that…

    I posted on Deyrolles a while back too…and have known Louis Albert for twenty years..he also has a wonderful chateau in the Loire Valley and grows heirloom tomatoes!

    Thrilled to find your very interesting and cool blog!


  20. Suzanne

    My dear,
    I waltzed you by Deyrolles to oogle at the windows in 2002!! You have forgotten! Quel domage!
    But I’ll bet you didn’t forget Mssr. Yves St. Laurent, le Rolls Royce, and zee full moon over the Boulevard St. Germaine!
    Abiento, mon cherie! xxoo -S.

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