Reintroducing Virginia…


It didn’t dawn on me until just this morning when I was drooling over these illustrations by Virginia Johnson that she is the same Canadian artist whose shawls I was gushing about just last week!  What a multi-talented lady, my goodness!  I’ve long adored her illustrations from the Kate Spade books, but had no idea she has a shop in Toronto and designed tunics, dresses, handbags and more.  I’m in heaven!  Silly me for not having made the connection sooner…

Speaking of the Kate Spade books, don’t you just love them?  I still find myself turning to Mrs. Spade for advice all the time…

11 comments on “Reintroducing Virginia…

  1. Jane

    LOVE her artwork and her shawls! I had no idea it was the same person either — now I’m completely in awe of her! XXO

  2. Susan R.

    I totally agree about Virginia Johnson and Kate Spade. I refer to her books often, I just pulled one out 2 days ago to make her classic guacamole. Love your blog!

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Susan — Thanks for dropping in! Love that you use Kate’s books too. I just pulled one out today to see what flowers are in bloom in July for our wedding. She covers so many topics—I adore it! Hope you have a fantastic weekend. XO Katie

  4. Starfish and Sundresses

    Jeez, Virginia is one talented woman! Completely jealous and enamored at the same time! xx

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