Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.11


I think we’ve set a record here with the longest cheat sheet yet—holy smokes, I love it!  Thank you Misss Jane for all your hard work and thank you Camilla and Rand for being our guests of honor!  If you haven’t already, be sure to scroll down and check out yesterday’s interview with these talented ladies behind Brooklyn’s Thistle and Clover.  Until later my loves… XO Katie

11 comments on “Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No.11

  1. Emily

    Some excellent choices here! I especially concur with the movie choice of Singin’ in the Rain and dining at Red Eat’s in Maine (DELICIOUS lobster roll)!

  2. The Zhush

    You know how much I love these…looking for my next great read right now, will have to check out her short story rec.! Thanks for making my rainy Tuesday a bit brighter.

  3. Piper

    So many things I connect with on these cheat sheets…where to start? :) Yes to the natural history museum…I loved it as a kid….and I still think it’s fun :) Yes to lilacs and singing in the rain. I was just saying that I miss Gene Kelly – he was amazing!

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