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John is out of town so tonight I will be curling up with Alfred and a glass of Elizabeth Rose rosé (a gift from a friend in Napa—I’ll let you know what I think!) to watch An Education.  I’ve heard such wonderful things and it finally came out on DVD this morning.  I think Carey Mulligan is the cutest and am eager to see all the vintage costumes and interiors.  Have you seen it?  Am I in for a treat?

UPDATE:  I already finished it!  Carey Mulligan was positively lovely.  Her character was such a kindred spirit (the Catholic school girl memories came rushing back…).  Any Neo-Trads that have yet to see it absolutely must, you’ll be charmed, I’m sure of it!  Off to download the soundtrack… XO Katie

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  1. Natalie

    You know what if I can get myself to a Blockbuster after work I just might have to take a cue from the NEO-trad, I’ve been dying to see it! It’s cloudy and cool in D.C. – the weatherman’s definitely calling for a movie night in. We can compare notes in the morning! XO

  2. a lovely being

    Oh, Kate! You are going to LOVE this movie. I mean, LOVE it. The wardrobe is perfect. I watched it over my spring break and am completely obsessed. Enjoy : )

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Natalie — Do it! I went to Blockbuster this morning to get it because I didn’t want to wait on NetFlix. By the way, John and I are trying to figure out which weekend to make it to DC before we move to California in late May. I’ll email you! XOXO

  4. Merritt

    Ooh, this looks so good. I will be spending my evening in night class, so your evening of curling up with a movie and glass of wine is making me feel quite jealous. ;) Let me know if it’s as wonderful as it looks.

  5. Emily

    You are certainly in for a treat, my dear! The clothes, the British setting, the excellent acting – magnifique! Parts of the movie I found disturbing, but I finished the film wholly fulfilled! Have a glorious evening!

  6. Jenna

    K – you’re in for such a treat! It’s so divine! You’ll be singing french folk music for the next 24 hours. Carey Mulligan is brilliant in the role. Enjoy!

  7. Karen

    This is very high on my list! Missed it in the theaters, but now I’m looking forward to being charmed :) Carey Mulligan is adorable!

    Did you see A Single Man? The set and costumes were wonderful in that one too – hard to go wrong with a bit of Colin Firth and Tom Ford leading the ship :)

  8. Corinna

    Oh I have been really wanting to see it! Hopefully it will play on the planes soon, will be available on youtube, or that we will get NetFlix again soon! I’ve heard the wardrobe is incredible!

  9. Lauren (pen.ny)

    As soon as we came home from the theater, my S and I bought the soundtrack off itunes. SO worth it. Amazing music. Fantastic movie. That Carey Mulligan won my heart over so hard:)

  10. Brandi

    I haven’t seen it yet, but there’s an open air movie theater here in San Diego that will be showing it in the next week or two. I love the idea of this movie set against a background of stars on a warm San Diego night. And now that you’ve recommended it so highly, I’ll definitely make sure to go see it.

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