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The charming Mackenzie of Design Darling dared me to bare the contents of my handbag and here they are!  The only problem was that my fat little pug, Alfred, kept getting his big butt in the way and causing me to giggle and shake the camera—we’re very professional around here…  Anyway, I finally decided to give into his vanity and include him.  Hello handsome, yes, we see you…

Counterclockwise starting with the bag: the Chanel 2.55 was an extremely generous gift from a client, the wallet my old roommate snatched up for me at a Tory Burch sale (thanks Katy!), original tortoise Wayfarers, a hot pink and orange planner by Coach (found it for next-to-nothing at an outlet, best design I’ve ever seen of theirs…), a long strand of freshwater pearls (a birthday gift from a friend in the Philippines—I wear them long and knot them at the bottom), snail mail from my neo-traditional girlfriends, my current book of choice (Deborah Garrison’s collection of poems A Working Girl Can’t Win—soooo brilliant!), a measuring tape for antiquing, an unreasonable amount of loose change, key ring with an old leather “Budapest” keychain and hot pink Swiss Army knife (engraved “Katya”…long story), red leather compact mirror I picked up somewhere in Milan, purple cosmetic bag to hold bobby pins, cosmetics, etc.  The end!

UPDATE: The NARS lipstick is Belle de Jour, the perfect nude.  I’m going to have to another post on make-up.  I’m addicted.

I’m not going to tag people because I hate to choose and I know everyone is busy, BUT if you do feel so inclined to share the contents of your handbag (and let’s face it, we’re all curious kitties) consider yourself tagged!

XO Katie

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  1. seyma

    wow!! i loved loved loved your bag Katie!!! it’s so cute :))
    and those sunglasses too! they are cool..

    thanks for stopping by darling :))))))

    have a great day!

  2. Brooke

    What color is the NARS lipstick?

    I love seeing the contents of your purse as you are such a stylish woman!



  3. Kate

    I have the same Swiss Army knife in my bag! A gift from my outdoorsy husband back when we were still dating. It has a few bite marks from my friend’s cute pup in it but it still does the trick. Easiest way to never worry about needing tweezers or a pair of scissors! xo

  4. Brooke

    ps- my bad is HUGE and filled with the following:

    -laptop charger
    -Louis Vuitton clutch with lip gloss and black Chanel Wallet
    -Coconut water

    So basically I am carrying enough stuff to look like a mother.


  5. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Amanda — Thank you! Alfred thinks he’s so cute…that’s for sure…

    Caroline — I know what you mean, I’m so a closet snoop. I love little glimpses of people’s personal lives. XO

    Kate — Twins! I got mine when I lived in Switzerland. Use it all the time, they’re so handy.

    Brookie — I just updated and shared that the NARS lipstick is Belle De Jour—do you know it?? It’s my fave—the PERFECT nude. I know that Chanel wallet missy and I want it. LOVE YOU mom.

  6. Habitually Chic

    So cute! Love the bag too! That’s the next one on my list. And you’ve already seen the contents of my bag and closet on my blog! We need to see your outfits next!

  7. rikshaw design

    can i just have alfie for my bag? seriously i am not kidding..
    in my bag-which is a big yellow leather jcrew bag
    -gum- doublemint at the moment
    -sunglasses- rayban i don’t know wht there called but always get compliments!
    -iphone + ear phones
    -keys with a felted elephant on it
    -antique sari cosmetic bag: that has yu-be chapstick (best on the planet), jurlique rose hand cream, mini dyptique perfume, and a tampon..trying to keep it real folks.
    -hair elastics and clips flying around the bag
    wish i could be as chic as you my darling..

  8. The Zhush

    Please tell me that you styled this a bit, and picked out all the old tissues, candy and gum wrappers, crumpled lists, and receipts and in my case children’s small toys…so that I can feel a little better about myself!
    (or just lie to me :) )

  9. Jen

    Is that Essie nail polish I spy?! I LOVE Essie–I’m even currently wearing Bungle Jungle (bright red with a hint of metallic). Definitely try Mademoiselle if you haven’t already; it’s the perfect pale pink. And Alfred is an excellent model! Quite the handsome fella I must say!

  10. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Sue — Receipts stuffed in wallet, don’t chew gum, lists in planner, and all the other junk was stuffed in the purple bag—yes, it was styled, I’m human : )

    Jen — It’s Essie’s Russian Roulette I believe. Don’t they have the greatest names? I will be sure to find a bottle of Mademoiselle–thanks for the tip! And yes, Alfred is a pudgy little charmer.

  11. Jenny

    Yay! Thanks for playing :o) By the way your bag is waaaay chicer than my ol’ Coach one! Love Alfred wanted to be a part of it! :o)

  12. Joanna

    You’re a perfume girl, I see. I’m one, too! As for the contents of my bag, it’s not nearly as organized as yours, but here goes:

    -Mulberry Elgin bag (scored at a Nordstrom sales a few years back)
    -Kate Spade tomato red wallet (gift from boyfriend)
    -Oliver Peoples sunglasses (majorly discounted thanks to a friend’s connections)
    -Tory Burch cosmetics bag that holds mini samples of Kiehls superbly restorative skin salve and imperial body balm, C.O. Bigelow lip balm, birth control, pocket mirror, hand sanitizer gel, and two perfume samples: Ormond Jayne Man (love masculine scents) and M. Micallef Shanaan, two great spring scents
    -mini calendar with owls all over it (I’m obsessed)
    -mint green Ipod shuffle
    -a copy of the latest book I’m reading, Tolstoy’s “Confession”

  13. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Stephanie — You should get a pug puppy! Then I’ll bring Alfred someday for a play date : )

    Jenny — Oh please… I love your bag, it is such a classic. I would never have this one if it weren’t for my client’s generosity, trust me! The rest of mine are Longchamp…I’m all about practicality. XOXO

    Joanna — Thanks for sharing!!! You’re totally indulging my inner snoop. Your wallet sounds adorable and I LOVE Mulberry bags, so cool, reminds me of London… Oh and I want to try those scents. I’ve been on a bit of a perfume kick recently. Cheers to sharing! XO

  14. Ivy Lane

    Fun post! I carry light …. Bag (Furla) wallet (coach) keys on chain pouch (Fendi)…small cosmetic bag…by the way I have a Nars lipstick, Roman Holiday is the colour.. my perfect shade of pink! Calculator, business cards and my celly! ( purchased all my lovelies while in on trips to the Caribbean..duty free..Furla always has a 50% off sale in February …shop is in St. Maarten…great deals at that time of year! )

    Dear Alfred… you are a sweetie pie!!!

  15. kate

    is that essie “lollipop” i see? lollipop is my go to orangey-red for summer. love little alfred, so cute! even the background bedding is adorable, is it anthro?


  16. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Hi Kate — The bedding is from John Robshaw. I outfitted our entire bed in his stuff thanks to one of his sample sales in NY last spring. It’s so cozy! XO

    Sam — My life is far less glamorous than it appears I assure you, but thank you my dear! XOXO

  17. Haydee

    Oh, loved this. I’m always curious as to the contents in anyone’s bag. Even guys. But I have to say that Alfred is the cutest, he’s curious too!

  18. Susan R.

    How fun! and I think darling Alfred enhances the photo–would love to give him a squeeze, he’s so cute!

  19. Jemima

    YESSS pink swiss army knife with Katya engraved! That IS a long story. I think you should really consider changing your store to Katya Armour Home.

  20. Roxy Te Owens

    Well hello fabulous! 1) Pink and orange we know is a love! 2) Shout out to the Philippines- that’s where I was born 3) Tory resides in my purse as well, although I do not have a chanel 2.55 and my TB pouch was a freebie from one of my alma maters, Parsons end of sem Fashion show! 4) My collection of nars lipstick is getting out of control, and now I need Belle de jour…sheesh

  21. Brandi

    Does that cute pug of yours ever try to climb in? My cats try all the time. The inside of your bag is fascinating — and so well organized! Love that.

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