16 comments on “Fall for the Gap

  1. Chelsea

    My grandmother had a fabulous gap as well. She was so glam. Happy birthday again, Kate! Eat a couple more cupcakes and maybe sneak that other pug into your home sooner rather than later. David wasn’t sold on getting a second pup, but when we rescued Wally he fit right into the family and now we never worry about the pups being bored or lonely!

  2. jordan

    i mean seriously…these women pull the look off so well! i love that they’ve embraced what our culture says should be “fixed.” totally bad a.
    happy late birthday! also, i do hope that you will give updates as you decorate your new place. i need inspiration. i feel like i just can’t do it {decorate my somewhat new place}. help wanted.

  3. Haydee

    This is so great! I always thought Madonna’s was cool too. I had a smidge of a gap suddenly between my two front teeth at one point but then my teeth must’ve shifted and it went away. I have to admit I was a little sad.

  4. Kirby

    well what do ya know, I have a small gap! I had braces too, but not wearing my retainer and mother nature decided that It should stay. it’s not too big. maybe an 1/8″. gives me a little more character over the next girl.

    Glad to see you are keeping busy!

  5. Jacqueline

    agreed! flaunt what you’ve got! “perfection” is relative.

    In response to your comment on my blog- thank you! It is such a comfort to be able to identify with others.
    …and modest weddings are usually the most romantic, so kudos to you and your fiancee :) I can just imagine what married life will be like for you in sunny California!!

  6. Meagan

    My teeth are crazy messed up – I’m missing like 4 permanent’s so in 7th grade (over spring break, damn you mom!) I had surgery to move my vampire teeth forward next to my front teeth so the gap would be smaller and less obvious. So needless to say, my teeth are way weird. However, I’ve found that instead of people making fun of them or being revolted by their abnormalities, people dig em! I’m still kind of self-conscious about it all, esp. cause the future father-in-law is an orthodontist and I’m just waiting for the wedding to be over with and him let me know how bad I need braces or something! But anyway, case in point, my “weird” teeth are somewhat charming and I totally embrace it! So gaps in teeth are awesome too! Glad you like em!!

  7. Susan R.

    I love, love imperfect teeth. I think it adds such a unique element to someone’s face. I have two young daughters and it seems the trend is for almost everyone to have braces nowadays . . .

  8. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

    totally! Especially Lauren Hutton: SO gorgeous!

    I have also always had a thing for guys with a tiny imperfection in their teeth. My husband has a tooth that turns out just a tiny bit, he hates it, but i think it’s ADORABLE.

    physical perfection is overrated and uninteresting!

  9. celia

    i love wonky teeth in general. they add so much character! i was “blessed” with ridiculously straight teeth. people are always kind of amazed that i never had braces, but i always wished my teeth could be a little more interesting. my sister used to have the slightest snaggle tooth and it was ADORABLE. of course, you always want what you don’t have so she got it fixed. i’ve been so sad ever since…

    congratulations on your move back home, by the way!


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