Down on the farm…


I absolutely adore the well curated inventory of the Brook Farm General Store in Brooklyn, New York.  They have a brick and mortar shop under the Williamsburg Bridge as well as an online shop boasting a bevy of goodies.  The selection is all so chic and timeless, I find myself coveting each and every piece!  Below, some of my current favorites:


Charming blue and white porcelain measuring spoons


The chicest green solar radio you ever did see…


Alfred could join me at farmer’s market in this woven dog basket


An adorable organic goose stuffed with pure wool and made in Lithuania. Haven’t you always wanted one?  Me too.

25 comments on “Down on the farm…

  1. Haydee

    Loving the green of the solar radio. And the little goose, too cute. And actually (since I don’t have a dog) the dog basket would be prime for carrying flowers and organic veggies home from the farmer’s market!

  2. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Haydee–Good call on the flowers/veggies. The shape of the basket would be perfect for holding a big bouquet…and that would be much lighter than carrying around a chubby pug! XO

  3. Brandi

    I just want to give that goose a giant hug — I mean, look at those floppy feet! Kate, sometimes I think you and I operate on the same wavelength: last night I wrote a post and titled it “On the Farm”. It’s about something different, but when I saw your post this morning, I thought it was quite a funny coincidence. And Brook Farm General Store is one of my favorite places. I’d love to own a store like it one day, except I would sell some yummy baked goods there too.

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Brandi — That would be brilliant! Baked goods and chic goodies. Please open a shop like this someday so I can come visit : ) XO

    Amanda — You’re too sweet! I’ll be watching the mail. It was a great day after all ; ) XO

  5. Piper

    oh to be in new york so i can go to this shop….such fun, charming things! i LOVE brandi’s idea of having a store like that but with baked goods…that would be perfection :)

    and seriously, the green radio is too cool!

  6. rikshaw design

    love love this..have to get over to brooklyn next time i am there!
    i remember when restoration used to look like this..with cool odds and ends..your too young to remember ;)

  7. Jane

    i’ll have to walk across the bridge and check it out once the weather’s nice (crossing my fingers for this weekend). that radio is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for a little apartment just like mine…
    XXO Jane

  8. A Little Pearl

    Hi Katie!!

    A good friend of mine looks at your blog from time to time and told me to check it out. Thanks for the mention a few weeks ago! I love to see when other people like what I do! As a thank you, I’d love to give away something to your blog readers. Contact me when you get a chance!!

    { a little pearl }

  9. Starfish and Sundresses

    Hmm I wonder if I could stuff my golden retriever into that basket…Don’t think he’d enjoy it ha!

    P.S you need to get down to Alabama stat! There are so many treasures for you to stock your shop with. Check out my recent post, I thought of you while I was thrifting! xx

  10. BB Wooten

    My litte runt-of-the-litter Boston Terrier would be mighty cute with her snub nose sticking out of that basket. She’s fairly excitable, so I’m not sure if she would consent to stay in for long, but that would just mean room for fennel and flowers in there, right?

    Giada de Laurentis (sp?) used to use a set of measuring spoons like those on her show… probably something her handsome hub designed for Anthropologie.

    One last thing, I think I definitely need that little radio for my kitchen window sill!

  11. Natalie

    I would really love to know where I can get that little Goose! My cousin just passed and his sister is having a baby. He always called her mother goose so I thought maybe this would give her some comfort. thank you!

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