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Hello darlings!  Do you recall my gushing about the cuteness of A Little Pearl’s designs recently?  Well the oh-so-generous Amber contacted me and has offered to giveaway a necklace to one lucky Neo-Trad!  The winner will receive one gold-filled circle charm stamped with a name, initial, date or phrase hung on an 18″ gold-filled ball chain.  To enter please visit A Little Pearl’s charming Etsy shop and then leave a comment below.  I’ll be selecting a winner at random at noon EST on Sunday April 4th.

UPDATE: The winner is Ashley, I emailed her this afternoon.  Thank you everyone for entering.  Do keep A Little Pearl in mind when making future jewelry purchases! xo Katie

76 comments on “Friday Giveaway!

  1. kbd

    I think I may engrave something inspiring to mark my graduation from 5 years of graphic design school, while working full time. I’d think of something awesome… something how you can do anything if you put your mind to it and work hard :)

  2. Meagan

    These really are adorable. I’d be satisfied with whatever but there are some important life changes headed my way so perhaps a reflection of that. Hah, is that cheesy?!

  3. Lauren

    Everyday I wear a long gold chain that I have slowly added little charms to. It began with my maternal grandmother’s wedding ring and a pearl that my paternal grandmother gave to my mother. Then came the cross I got in Venice when I was 13, followed by an ity bity wildflower pendant from Lake Tahoe (my home away from home), and finally a pendant I got in Egypt with my name in Arabic (or what I thought was my name until I took an Arabic class and found out it said Marlana). If I were to add one of these to it I’d want it to say Walter after my paternal grandfather, maternal great-uncle I call Grandpa, my maternal uncle, and possible future son.

  4. Sam

    I would absolutely love one of these!

    I would probably get faith inscribed on mine.

    Most likely. Yes. I think so.

  5. Rankin

    I’m new to your blog…love it! This is not very creative, but I’d probably get R T L (my first initial, my husband’s first initial and the initial of our last name)

  6. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    KBD — Great idea! You seriously deserve it after all your hard work!! I’m proud of you!

    Lauren — Love your necklace story. I sometimes wear my mom’s old wedding band around my neck (my parents are divorced…). Some people think that’s weird, but I think it’s pretty : ) Have a great weekend Marlena!!! hah!

    Rankin — Welcome!!! Love new faces : )


    I haven’t seen these and am drooling over them! Their simplicity is stunning and so very charming! I think I would get “toujours” on one and “amour” on the other, which is french for “love everyday” which I think is a wonderful reminder to wear around your neck!

  8. Lauren (downtown polish)

    I do completely love these. I feel like deciding what I’d get on it would be jinxing it though…so we’ll see!

    Also Kate, my parents are divorced too and I still have their wedding album and lots of pictures of them together so I don’t think it’s weird at all that you wear her ring around your neck. I totally get it.

  9. Katy

    I love them!! So cute. I would get 3 that said, “Live, laugh, love” because those are 3 simple things you should do everyday! I think the wedding date is a nice idea! You have to of course set a date first! :)

  10. cathi

    I would love one and on it I would stamp SAM – the initials of my children and my boyfriend and also my childhood name – Cowboy Sam…I was a bit of a tomboy – still am…haha…Happy Weekend, Katie! xxoo :)

  11. Ashley

    The letter P for my sweet Penelope, she is two and can’t quite pronounce her lovely name yet, so she calls herself P.

  12. ashlina

    oh my those are absolutely adorable.
    i would want my name…ashlina
    i love those adorable necklaces. i would just be thrilled to have one !

  13. Cheryl

    I would have my daughter Gisele’s name stamped. She will be turning 10 weeks old tomorrow!

  14. Katie H.

    I think it would be nice to have my childhood nickname on it “baby kiss”. The name itself sounds kind of silly, but was given to me by my closest friends who I have known since I was very young. We all grew up together and I love them very dearly.
    I’m planning on moving to the U.K so it would be nice to have a special reminder of my loved ones back at home!

  15. Kirby

    I would probably get one that said love, and then another with Tylers initials, TJH. then I would get a set for him that said Love and another my my initials (or my future initials) KMH.

    He would like that :)


  16. Cait

    I would get peace & serenity because those are the words I need to look at more during the day. Don’t we all?

  17. Stevi

    Ooohhhh I really would like to win! when I do (wishful thinking) then I can decide what i want on it. Until then I will be thinking…..

  18. Lindsay

    I would loove to win this one! I would definitely do the date of our anniversary with our initials! Crossing my fingers… xx

  19. Kate

    Once again – I just love these! What a nice giveaway surprise! I definitely don’t know what I would decide on just yet… oh dear!

  20. karey

    how beautiful!
    i think i would have ‘danger’ stamped: it’s a running joke that it’s our son’s middle name (is actually daniel, after his father).

  21. Lee

    I know they’re gorgeous, I just don’t know what I’d have engraved on mine (yet). Absolutely fab give-away!

  22. Valerie

    These are amazing! I love them! Let’s see, I’d either get my wedding date inscribed or our monogram if they do that. I don’t have any kids, otherwise I would have their names stamped on it. Have a great weekend!

  23. Jillian

    the necklace is adorable. I love wedding date idea with my fiance and my initials. Can’t wait to see who the lucky winner is!

  24. Emily

    Such cute items in her shop! I think I would have an inspiration word put on like “hope” or “believe.” It’s always good to be reminded of these things!

  25. Jenna

    What a lovely giveaway! I think I’d stamp “YOLO” – You Only Live Once. It reminds me to appreciate each moment and never stop being grateful.

  26. mae

    oh how charming ;) as a youngster i had a backpack with my initials ‘mae’ on it. ‘mae’ became my nickname and still is today! i would love to have ‘mae’ hanging around my neck, a modern day version of my favorite backpack.

  27. Erin

    I love these! I’ve been wanting one for a long time. I’d like two charms, one with “Johanasephus” on it (what my husband told me his middle name was on our first date – it’s John, and one with “ktcw”, the initials of my children.

  28. Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll

    I have so been wanting one of these!!!! Actually, I want 3 – Gwen, Michael & Lucy. We are the 3 Muskateers!!! I hope you are well. I’ve been so out of touch and so dag gone busy! I’ve missed all my people. Let me know how your wedding plans are progressing! So exciting.

  29. Maria

    I saw these before and loved them, they are so simple and elegant. I would get my middle name (Idis), the only other people I have met with the name are my mom and grandmother. It would be a great way to have them with me all the time (As they both live in Nicaragua).

  30. Anna-Maria

    I’ve been lusting after these on etsy for a while now. Cheesy, but I’d have my wedding date (08 01 09) b/c it was such an incredible day

  31. Nichole

    What a cute & fun etsy shop– I love how unique and completely handcrafted these are!

    Not as original as some of the other ladies’ fantastic ideas, but I would get my initials stamped–NRM.

  32. Lindsay

    I l.o.v.e. these! Their simplicity is wonderful! I would get “Just Be.” stamped on mine.

  33. Brandi

    This giveaway is fantastic, though I have to be honest: I wouldn’t keep it for myself. One of my friends just had her first child and I’d love to surprise her with her son’s name and such a pretty piece of jewelry.

  34. Samantha

    my inscription:
    “J (heart symbol) S” and/or
    “semper et aeturnum” (always and forever, in latin)

    Boyfriend has been with me through thick and thin: family deaths + tragedies, getting kicked out of college and getting back in, losing a baby, helping me recover from alcoholism, and with each day the list grows longer.

    You see, we’re old fashioned; we’ve been together for years but agreed we wouldn’t get married until we’re both done with school. So, this past year, he gave me a promise ring. It’s actually the Finn heart knot ring (because after you posted it, I fell in love with it). He’s not a jewelry kind of guy so this would be like my version of a promise ring for him. I get to wear something beautiful and display to all how much I love him.

  35. Merritt

    Ooh, how pretty! If I were to win I would want to stamp “Let It Be” onto the necklace. I follow this piece of advice via John, Paul, George and Ringo in several of life’s situations, so it’s important to me. Thanks for the opportunity, Katie.

  36. nicolette

    oh i want one!! i’d probably give it to my mom for mother’s day and put LOVE on it! *crossing fingers to win*

  37. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Your comment was so touching! Thank you for sharing. Love that you got the Finn ring as well. Clearly you deserve it! I have the platinum/diamond one and I think people get so confused because it’s not a traditional solitaire engagement ring. It’s so much more “me” though and the girls at Finn were so wonderful…it was such a fun personal experience picking it out : ) Anyway, I’m going to fire you an email…
    xoxo Katie

  38. Sarah Esther

    I have really loved reading everyone’s responses. It’s so neat to see what words we use to describe the things most touching to us! I would do three charms and put “Remember the rising” on them (one word per, of course!) In this spirit of Easter weekend, and bc it’s something personal that I should be more aware of! Thankful for Jesus rising, and what it means. So that’s definitely the words!

  39. Katie

    Beautiful! I’ve been swooning over their designs for a while now. Just wanted to pop in and say, “hello!”. I’m currently in SF so if you move back we should have a blogger meet-up sometime.

    All the best & Happy Easter,

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