Steven Alan Does Spring


I am absolutely head over heels for the spring additions at Steven Alan.  The frocks and blouses are all so light and airy with the perfect touch of boho-chic.  I’m trying to pare down my wardrobe and invest in more long-lasting, timeless pieces and this collection certainly fits the bill.  Any excuse to work in some florals and ikat print!

What trends are you looking forward to wearing this spring? Sandals? Florals? Denim shorts?

25 comments on “Steven Alan Does Spring

  1. Lindsay

    I’m trying to do the same thing. Isn’t it tough?! I can’t wait to break out my sundresses. If I could wear a dress everyday of the year I would! xx

  2. a lovely being

    Obsessed with that plaid dress! I saw a girl wearing a similar dress at Whole Foods yesterday and couldn’t help but awkwardly ask her where she bought it (it was so darn cute!). Love this line– can’t wait to see the rest : )
    XOXO fallon

  3. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Lindsay — I’m with you on the sundresses! I can’t wait to move back to California where you practically can wear them year round : )

    Sarah — Gold wedges and aviators…I like it!

    Sara — Floral prints, yessss!

    Fallon — I always ask people what they’re wearing too! It’s okay, they’re usually super flattered : )

  4. the NEO-traditionalist Post author

    Lauren — I understand completely. Blog shopping instead of window shopping right? Story of my life!

    Michelle — I started wearing more skirts recently and it’s so much fun. I’m all about feminine staples for this spring!

  5. Merritt

    How cute are the bags/purses?! If only I hadn’t just purchased a buttery orange purse (with gold buckles and gold zippers!) to carry this spring…

  6. Alexandra

    Oh, this is SO not helping my spring fever! It snowed again today!
    I love that floral dress. I should try to find one this year. It’d be quite the feminine move for me.

  7. Jocy

    It rained today in southern California, but then the sun came out again. I love all of this. I noticed that cruiser dress, lusted after it too. The red skirt, the No. 6 dress. Everything. It is sad to say, but the only times I really miss my old firm gig are when I see things like this.

  8. Jocy

    Ooops, forgot to answer the questions: I look forward to wearing dresses with cut-out backs. I’m really into them this season. And, I can’t seem to stop wearing chambray lately, with yellow or red shoes.

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