Underpinned Perfection



It’s almost ninety degrees out and all I want to do is lounge around the house in cute underpinnings painting my nails pink—if only!  These two darling sets from Anthropologie quickly stole my heart.  The top gingham pair is by Blush and the bottom silk ensemble is by Undrest.  Don’t you just die over the eyelet lace details?  Swoon!

16 comments on “Underpinned Perfection

  1. Haydee

    Now that I have my pre baby body back I can actually consider things like this again. Feel like it’s been forever! In fact, these pieces are inspiring me.

  2. Lauren (pen.ny)

    YOU are killing me with this post! Must. have. discipline.

    Naughty girl….my bank statement is all your fault these days…eh hem, remember those J. Crew suits? Yes, enough said.

    (Even though my statement doesn’t like you, I sure do;)

  3. Brandi

    Swoon! I need to go shopping so badly, Kate. Do you know how much Anthro tempts me? And these are so cute I almost want to pretend they’re swimwear. I think every girl need undergarments like these — there’s just something about putting on clothing that’s so transformative. Love it.

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