Little hipster…


This suave little hipster shot by The Sartorialist in Sydney, Australia gave me the biggest smile.  Look at those shaggy locks and that tailored blazer!  For the record, when I was his age I was a complete geek in saddle shoes, scrunchies and hot pink leggings…

26 comments on “Little hipster…

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Fallon — Elastic yess!! Oh the nineties…

    Lindsay — He’s totally going to get all the ladies when he grows up!

    Sarah — You’re so right about the lack of awkward family photos, it just isn’t fair! My childhood albums are brimming with them!

  2. abbiebabble

    When I have kids, I want them to be little hipsters. I find it unlikely, given my complete lack of hipster style. I can always dream, though, yes?

  3. jane

    He is so sweet! My favourite outfit was red leggings with white polka dots, teamed with a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that came down to around about my knees. I don’t think the Sartorialist would have been impressed!

  4. Brandi

    I’m sometimes a little worried to see kids so fashionable at such a young age. It took me 20+ years to learn how to dress and they seem to have it down by 5. Amazing. I’m sure he gets lots of Valentines every year.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Jane — He wouldn’t have snapped me either, TRUST ME!

    Brandi — So true! I bet his valentine’s cubby at school is bursting with love notes from all the little girls…awwwww. xo

  6. Liz

    aw! I have this photo saved on my computer from a long time ago. It gave me the biggest kick, too! What a little heartbreaker already :) hehe

  7. Beatriz

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Love!! Yours is out of control FABULOUS!! I am eating it all up. That boy is just precious. Let’s hope my future children inherit some of their mom’s Love for dressing up! Just precious!


  8. Francesca

    I love him and when i have one of my own whos name will be FINN he will be just like that! Your site looks awesome Kate! xoxo FF

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Beatriz — Welcome, welcome! I just love new faces, especially pretty ones like yours : ) xoxoxo

    Francesca — I LOVE the name Finn. I want to name our kid Huckleberry, but John said we could settle on Finn…hahaha. We’ll see… xo

  10. Piper

    btw…your site looks awesome!! love the new look :)
    ok, he’s way too adorable – how can you be so hip at 5?? i’m still trying to figure things out :)!

  11. Haydee

    Love it when kids can look super cute without flashing lights and songs playing from their shoes! He’s adorable and an Aussie? Look out ladies!

  12. Haley

    Sounds like you were quite the fashion forward little girl! You know I read somewhere that scrunchies are totally coming back :) LOVE your new look btw! I’m currently drooling over which of your latest shop additions to add to my home… hehe. Happy Wednesday!

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