Moving on up…!


Ta-dah!  Hello dear readers!  Notice anything different?  After weeks of working away with my Swiss dream team (Tighe Flanagan and Jane Lilly Warren—thank you loves!!!) The Neo-Traditionalist has been given a much needed facelift.  I hope you find my new layout both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.  This site is much more “me” and I simply couldn’t be more pleased!  Have fun exploring the pages and if you haven’t already done so I’d love for us to network via Facebook and Twitter.  You’re my kinds of girls and, well, we ought to stick together, don’t you think?  Can’t wait to get your feedback!  How do you like my new look?

xo katie (your faithful Neo-Trad)

P.S. How perfect is today’s quote?  My sentiments exactly!


70 comments on “Moving on up…!

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Colleen — I poured over all my favorite blogs and started a list of features I liked in their sidebars and whatnot. I wanted to keep mine as simple as possible however, I’m big on practicality. I went back and forth on the background pattern for weeks before settling on this chevron and the color palette just sort of evolved over time. Luckily I had a great team helping make my choices!! So glad you like it! xoxo katie

  2. Kirby

    You’re amazing Katie!

    Congratulations. I really mean that too!!! I’m going to join your facebook page. I don’t have twitter, so you’ll miss my beautiful words over there… but i think you get enough of me as it is.


  3. Lindsay

    This is so great! I logged on today and just said “WOAH!”. So nice!! And what a dream team :) Go CH!!
    Also, I read your comment to my comment from a few posts ago- we will have to eventually meet up in the States for sure! (and check out Kate Spade while we’re at it!) And yes, Lauren and I are friends from CH :)

  4. Meg Clark

    Lovely! Reading your blog brings happiness.

    p.s. As I was driving through Santa Ynez the other day I saw a sign for “Armour Ranch Rd” and thought of you and your blog!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Teresa — Correction: YOU all spoil ME with your lovely encouragement and comments. I can’t get over how sweet and supportive my readers are—they’re really the very best!!!

    Meg — Santa Ynez is so beautiful! I’m touched you thought of me. I can’t wait until it’s officially my last name so I can have stationery made, so silly, but true! : ) xoxo

  6. Adriana

    Blah I’m so far behind this week on your beautiful blog! Noticed the changes immediately. LOVE it Katie! It’s glamorous and clean, simple yet interesting. And easy to get!

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