Let’s go yachting, shall we?





The spring /summer lookbook by Marina Yachting sure is easy on the eyes.  I’m swooning over the entire traditional-with-a-twist collection, especially the abundance of chic sailor stripes.  The cool, carefree attitude of the models reminds me a bit of my stylish foreign classmates in the Swiss-Italian lake region.  Simply going to history class felt like a fashion show!  Ahhh la bella vita…

(via RDuJour)

14 comments on “Let’s go yachting, shall we?

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Natalie — I drooled over their collection as well! Such classic beach chic looks! What do you say we swing by Italy (somehow I’ve yet to make it to Capri!) after Lisbon?? xo Katie

  2. Jacqueline

    oh, i love your new blog format! Perfect for the opening of spring, too :)

    This makes me think of how much I’d love to learn how to sail…and be able to wear effortlessly chic outfits, too

  3. Natalie

    Yes! Italy it is. We’ll make Capri our first stop. And perhaps then we might ferry that red taxi in the photos back to the mainland for a cruise up the Amalfi Coast, sample the local fare in Positano? Ahhh, sailor stripe wishes and al fresco dreams…

  4. Stevi

    I’m LOVING the new layout! I wonder if there is anywhere to go yachting in Utah…:) OK so there is not, but that is a good reason to travel somewhere I can!

  5. Nichole

    oh my god, love this! Totally feels like Lugano too, doesnt it? And all the men are heavenly. I particularly love the girl in the last photo, with the long braid, black shirt, and high waisted belt. How effortlessly chic does she look?

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