5 comments on “Quote of the Day

  1. Corinna

    ain’t that the truth! and husband dearest wonders why I pour out all my worries when he tucks me in- he thinks its a time to relax, for me its a time to get it all out so I can sleep well! and congrats on WSJ!! (ps it reminds me of things I have on my “bucket list,” do you have one too? Seems like WSJ could rank pretty high :) )

  2. Sarah Esther

    oh goodness… i wake up from a restless night and this is the quote I see (talk about conviction). i vow to actually let it all GO tonight, so my pillow can be used for what it is. thanks katie :)

  3. Sara

    it’s the weirdest thing but for the life of me i cannot stay awake when my mind is full! it’s like once i get stressed i need to sleep and there is no stopping me

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Corinna — That is so cute. I don’t yet have a bucket list, but have been meaning to compile one. Now I guess I don’t have to include the WSJ!

    Sarah — I’m sending deep sleep vibes your way for tonight!

    Sara — Lucky girl! I wish I could say the same of my own sleep patterns! xo

  5. BB Wooten

    I love Charlotte Bronte! I used to teach Jane Eyre… back in another life when I taught high school English. I love Charlotte so much that my hub and I have considered Charlotte as a first name for our future potential daughter.

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