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This fantastic green room in New York Social Diary caught my eye and stole my heart.  Home to architects Bill Brockschmidt and Richard Dragisic, the enchanting apartment features an impressive array of decorative objects from around the globe.  In particular I find myself drawn to the hand printed wallpaper found in the drop front desk (what a colorful surprise!) and the fantastically styled table above.  The architects’ fearless sense of color is evident from the warm natural rug to the tip top of the turquoise chandelier — oh to live in a jewel box!

(photographs by Jeffrey Hirsch)

19 comments on “The Green Room

  1. Kate Paradis

    First of all – this room is magical and I should like to spend many hours in it!
    ALSO – LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look on the blog! I’ve been away from blog world for a bit and I was so excited to come back to this! Neo-Trad just keeps getting better! :)

  2. Jane

    this room is simply amazing – from the roman busts to the vase of poppies – it’s all just perfect* XXO

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Amanda — You can see more images on the NYSD website I linked to in the post. Check it out!

    Sylvie — “Army of books” this is why I love you! xo

  4. Sarah Esther

    green room reminds me of the place in which we would prepare before we went to preform back in high school.. love this room as a kind of ‘preparation’ room… for what, i don’t know!

  5. Blue Hydrangea

    I would never think to paint a room that color but it is fabulous!!! that is a room I wold love to spend time in…if only I was that brave with my decorating!!

  6. Brandi

    I think I would spend hours in this room, just looking at all the little details. I can imagine someone calling me for supper and just being completely oblivious because I was so engrossed. It’s such a beautiful room.

  7. Erin

    This room is awesome … so much detail to look at it! I love the color of the walls too. Thanks for stopping by my blog … it led me your way :)

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