Sunday Serenade

Hello loves.  We’re back from a magical, whirlwind trip to D.C. and are enjoying a lazy, sunshine-filled Sunday morning.  I’ve decided to begin a new tradition titled “Sunday Serenade” in which I’ll be posting a music video or live performance by a band I love each week.  I hope you enjoy today’s “You Really Got A Hold on Me” by the enchanting She & Him.  More updates to follow… xo

19 comments on “Sunday Serenade

  1. Merritt

    I am so in love with Zooey! Have you heard anything off of Volume Two yet? It’s just as perfect as Volume One! I could keep going on and on about She & Him and how much I have a crush on ZD, but that could get emarrasing.

    Cute new page!

  2. Annie

    Thank you for reminding me about Zooey and her adorable style & voice. Can’t wait to hear what other music you share with us…

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