Monochrome Masterpiece



This lavender embroidery of President Taft has me smiling.  Made from seven shades of purple, he is part of the “Presidents in Monochrome” series by Amanda Jean.  I can’t wait to see her rendering of JFK—something tells me it will be particularly handsome…

12 comments on “Monochrome Masterpiece

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Glad you ladies enjoy Mr. Taft as well. I find the silliest things in my travels around Etsy, this being one of them. So fabulous—love the lavender too!

  2. passport in my pocket

    WOW Fancy nancy check out this website redesign!!! I love it. I am in serious need of a blog overhaul, let me know if your designers are looking for some more business!!! :)

    and p.s. this prez taft is really cute.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Passport — The bottom of my page links to my designers’ websites. Feel free to contact them. I think they’re pretty busy, but you never know! So glad you like my new look! xoxo

    Cashon — Isn’t it a fun twist on the traditional portrait? xo

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