All by hand…




These bright, hand-embroidered linens by Sharyn Blond would be perfect for your next cocktail party.  The custom pieces are all stitched in Madeira on the finest Belgian linen—can you even imagine the time that must go into each piece?  I’d love to have a small custom set made that I could someday pass on to my future granddaughters…  Quality over quantity, right loves?

13 comments on “All by hand…

  1. Elizabeth Rose

    I’m drooling over them all, but the Scottish thistle really makes this redhead smile :)

  2. rebecca

    Sharyn Blond is in Kansas City, where I grew up and once lived. I ordered hankies from them for my sister, mom and now mother-in-law for my wedding–they do BEAUTIFUL work. Unfortunately, the bigger items are a little out of my price range…

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