Chalkboard Love Notes



I’m dying to get one of these chalkboard sticker frames for our refrigerator.  Wouldn’t it be sweet place to leave your man love notes?  Or on a more practical note, for chic grocery lists?  At 14″ x 18″ they’re a decent size and the $6.95 price tag is hard to beat.  The perfect touch of neo-tradition for your sleek, stainless fridge!

16 comments on “Chalkboard Love Notes

  1. BB Wooten

    I have an Etsy chalkboard sticker on the side of our refrigerator, where I like to write (I think you’ll appreciate) quotes. :)

    (I can’t say I’d recommend the seller though. It took two months and several emails before I received my sticker.)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Sara — That makes two of us… xo

    BB — Sounds like these Paper Source options are the way to go then. Love that you write quotes—kindred spirits! xo

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Lindsay — Yay for little love notes!

    Kayla — Of course you would already have one, love it : )

    Stephanie — Paper Source is going to love us!

    Sarah — It’s okay, use it for grocery lists or better yet, inspiring quotations! Man not necessary!

  4. Natalie

    Kate these are precious. I was going through a chalkboard phase last fall, gave in and rolled half a kitchen wall with chalkboard paint. Can’t imagine my landlord will be pleased that I’ve left him with a black magnetic wall, but… I love it. I want to give it a big frame now, a la the ones you’ve posted! P.S. Love today’s quote, just how it was here on Saturday! XO

  5. Natalie

    Come back to D.C. and I’ll show you – apartment tour, hot ticket! ACTUALLY, I stuck one of the bright pink postcards we swiped up onto the chalkboard, it’s just the thing to spice up my kitchen. As for San Francisco, I am SO THERE. Dying to see it really. Miss you already too, D.C.’s cloudy and cool and, you know, a little less neo-traditional without you around…

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Natalie — You kill me. We’ll see if we can’t make it back before we head west. If not though, I’m holding you to a California visit! xo

  7. Brandi

    These are wonderful! I’ve been thinking about buying some chalkboard paint recently, but I’m afraid once I had it, I would go crazy and just paint everything.

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