Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No. 12


Many thanks to the fabulous Lauren Christensen of Lo Boheme for being this week’s Plucky Pioneer.  Sweet peas, Anna Bond, The Met—my kind of gal!  Merci beaucoup to Miss Jane as well.  I know I say it ever week, but this one just may be my favorite!  I’m thinking I’m going to commission Jane to make my own cheat sheet for me to frame.  Wouldn’t  that be fabulous for my office wall?  More in a bit loves… xo katie

16 comments on “Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No. 12

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Sarah — Aren’t they fun to look at?!

    Jane — I love you!!! xo

    Heather — I have my Met badges saved—I love the pretty colors!

    Beth — Will do, promise!

  2. Piper

    oh i LOVE that idea of having a cheat sheet made!! how fun would that be to have hanging?!! definitely share with us :)

    I love that she’s getting a giving tree tattoo…how fun. that was one of my fave books when i was growing up!

  3. StylishBird

    What amazing answers! Sweet peas, the Met, Giving Tree, Phillip Lim, Great Expectations, flea markets….we are definitely kindred spirits. Great Plucky Pioneer this week! xx

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Piper — I loved that book growing up too! Such a classic.

    Joanna — I know, they have me wanting to rush out and buy a bouquet of sweet peas!

    Stylish Bird — Isn’t she adorable?! A Neo-Trad through and through.

  5. Brandi

    Kate, this cheat sheet is one of my favorites yet. I love that the Giving Tree is on there! Just warms my heart. And a tattoo? Awesome.

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