English Gardens







These beautiful English gardens were designed by British landscape architect Jinny Blom (adorable, first read about her in Domino…) at the Temple Guiting Manor in Cotswold.  The house itself can be rented for special events and getaways—I say we have a girls’ weekend with lots of picnics filled with bubbly and croquet on the lawn, who’s with me?

24 comments on “English Gardens

  1. Emily

    Now that would a place to get married…sigh…the dream! It reminds me of my year in England, studying abroad…all those beautiful old buildings and charming gardens! Such a place!

  2. agnes

    wow, what wonderful images! now that just wants to make me move to the countryside right away, hehe!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!


  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Emily, Stephanie, Karena, Haydee, Agnes, and Amy — So pleased you’ll be joining me, it’s a plan! And yes, we can have shandies and shepherd’s pie! xoxo

  4. Amanda

    Oh can I come?! This place is beautiful! Bubbly and croquet too?! Yes, please. We’re thinking of having croquet at our Derby party this year; I need to practice! xoxo

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Bailey — I want to frolic in the fields with the little lambs too! They stole my heart.

    Amanda — I can’t believe you have a Derby party…can I please move to Kentucky? xoxo

  6. keely@luxeandlillies.blogspot.com

    I am SO with you! Absolutely breathtaking… it would make a gorgeous wedding venue!

  7. Elle

    Gorgeous…. The Preppy Boyfriends sister is a landscape designer and both her gardens and his parents gardens just take my breath away… should we ever get married I’m hoping to ask her to design our garden for us as a wedding present!

  8. Nichole

    Simply gorgeous. Must drop out of law school and find rich English husband with country manor stat.

  9. Karen

    Hmm, it sounds like the RSVPs are pouring in quickly, but add me to the wait list! I could bring my croquet set … and an aerobed :)

  10. Brandi

    Kate, I’m so there with you. I’ll bring some delicious baked goods that I make: some little cookies, cake, cupcakes, fruit. English gardens are so amazing and well cared for. I would love to rent a house there for some time.

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