French Frocks



Loving these bohemian-inspired looks from the spring collection of French label ba&sh.  The dresses are so feminine and dainty and the model’s tousled braid is absolute perfection.  I plan on wearing such things all summer in sunshine-filled California (we’re 99% sure we’re moving west in five short weeks—horray!).

(via RDuJour)

16 comments on “French Frocks

  1. Nichole

    Oh my god, is it really just 5 weeks?! AHHHHHH! So thrilled for you. Must call in chat, feel like it has been eons (or less than a week). xxx

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Glad you ladies like her braid — I want to do something similar for the wedding actually, but pull the hair back. I like the overall rumpled look though—perfect updo’s just aren’t me… xo

  3. c'est moi

    Oooh – I love. Planning to order and lucky to have French in-laws whom I can ship things to!

  4. hiyaluv

    so jealous that you will be moving to Cali! I miss living there so much:) These dresses are adorable and will definitely be comfy in the warm Cali sun. :)smiles, gina

  5. Christine

    I have been looking for bohemian dresses like this too. Perfect for summer. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:)

  6. Corinna

    wow! 99% certainty is pretty dang certain :) I am SO excited for you–it will be fun to see how your blog will reflect your new home. And these photos: the elusive “innocent sex kitten” look that some women can do so well! (get one for your honeymoon ;) )

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