15 comments on “My new crush…

  1. Lindsay

    I have a great one I picked up from J.Crew a few months ago. It has the most whimsical illustration, I couldn’t pass it up for $10! xx

  2. Kirby

    I love him too. I use reusable bags, but they are just whatever canvas shopping bag I’ve got laying around. like the ones Steve Madden gives you. I would like a nice one though

  3. ashlina

    GASP! how did you know thats my favorite animal. i have over 50 elephants in my home…gifts, collections, etc. i so NEED this. thanks for posting it.

  4. Tod

    i have a huge bag from m&s with twiggy on the front, but i have had it for a while now and you can tell. this one is darling! what a great find!! thanks for sharing katie!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Haley — That is soooo awesome. Can’t believe you designed it. Too cute. Love the tree trunks, they make me wish I were outside playing right now! xo

    Ashlina — I love them too, isn’t he adorable??

    La Maison Fou — How I miss Trader Joes! Can’t wait to stock up on their groceries and fresh blooms when I return to California!

    Tod — Ahhh Twiggy?! So cool. Who cares if it’s a little beat up—that’s classic!

  6. lacqueredlife

    LLBean bags. You can’t go wrong. I use the large size with short handles for my hamper and laundry bags to the laundromat, and then I use the large size with long handles and a zipper for my groceries! I also have an LLBean bag in my closet that holds all my handbags … a bag of bags.

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