Forrest, Miles, Quinn and Charlie…


I was thinking today about what fun it was when I posted a list of my favorite girl baby names.  No, I’m not preggers, just a bit ridiculous and  I think about these things far too much (they’re very important you know…).  Today I’ve decided to share some of my favorite names for little baby boys!  In no particular order:

Edward, Oliver, Jack, Sebastian, Ethan, Luke, Finn, Frederick, Theodore, Phineas, Patrick, Grant, Grey, Hugh, Forrest, Miles, Quinn, Philip, Charlie…

Your turn!  What are your favorite baby names my dears? Ohhh this is such fun!


68 comments on “Forrest, Miles, Quinn and Charlie…

  1. CEO

    I love this game… So much fun.
    I already have one Sophia- Avalon Chloe

    Girl Names
    Keni- my dad’s name is Kenneth I think it’s cute for a girl any opinions most people don’t approve :(

    Boy Names

    Of the names that were listed I love Harrison.. so cute


  2. Alaina @ LiveCreatingYourself.

    Two more things since this our only means of communication
    1. LOVE Declan so much more than Day-clon. hahah

    and 2. your reply comment just made my night! You’re birthday tweet to Nate last week was beyond sweet. I love blog friends! : )

    Ok, good night!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    CEO — I think a girl named Keni could be adorable. Honestly as long as a kid has confidence I think they can pull just about anything off. I’m sure your little Keni would the coolest : )

    Alaina — I just told John what you wrote and we’re cracking up. “Day-clon” priceless…hahahaha

  4. Kate Collins

    My personal favorite is Miles. That is a family name for us that goes back many generations. I have a brother, uncle, grandfather, great grandfather and three cousins named Miles. I love that name! But I’m big on family names, sadly my husband is against them.

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — Oh no! You must convince your hubby that Miles is it!! I love that name, how fun for it to be part of your family’s legacy.

    Jordan — Judah, I like it! Makes me think of a strong, good-looking young man…

    Erin — Diego…very handsome indeed! It’s okay to be biased, we all are! xo

  6. Jenn

    My nephew’s name is actually Myles Patrick. I like his name. Oliver is also a good name. I live Jasper, Jacob, and Finn.

  7. Heidi

    Love your blog!!

    I adore Ava and Ellie for girls and Oliver and Henry for boys! I agree thinking of children’s names can be so much fun!

  8. Design Darling

    our lists are weirdly similar! my brother’s name is grayson (play on grey, which we call him more often than not) and my other brother’s middle name is oliver. i love charlie, jack, and miles too! what a fun idea for a post. your blog is the BEST.

  9. Jenny

    Well, I never made a list of boys names since we knew we were having a girl, but I love:
    Archer (my BFF’s middle son’s middle name)
    Hunter (my hubby’s middle name)

    The other girl’s names on our list that didn’t make the cut were:
    Liberty (would have called her Libby)

  10. Vanessa

    I just found your website today and absolutely adore it! I’ve had my baby names list going since grammar school and now that I am pregnant can’t believe it’s actually a reality to pick a name! Here are some of my personal favorites:

    Boys: Jake, Edmund (for a middle name – it’s my Dad’s first name), Sebastian, Atherton, Huntington (call him Hunt), Preston, Beau, Asher, Jameson, Sayles (again family name, it’s my Dad’s middle name), Dorian, Porter, Chadwick, and Truesdale.

    Girls: Carolina (call her Coco), Mattea, Claiborne, Georgina, Victoria, Cordelia, Theodora (call her Teddy), Simone, Sloane, Luella, Camden, and Whitney.

  11. Lovely Mrs

    Oooh – i know this is an older post but Dear Hubby and i are expecting baby boy #2 in February – our son, Miles Boyer, is 15 months old (will be 17 months when little brother arrives). We agreed wholeheartedly on Miles (and Boyer is my maiden name) but are at a loss with second. Hubby likes more traditional “vanilla” names (Benjamin; James) and i prefer more “classical, scholarly” names (Levi, Quentin). Any suggestions? cannot end in a “e” or “y” sound. Thanks!

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