Forrest, Miles, Quinn and Charlie…


I was thinking today about what fun it was when I posted a list of my favorite girl baby names.  No, I’m not preggers, just a bit ridiculous and  I think about these things far too much (they’re very important you know…).  Today I’ve decided to share some of my favorite names for little baby boys!  In no particular order:

Edward, Oliver, Jack, Sebastian, Ethan, Luke, Finn, Frederick, Theodore, Phineas, Patrick, Grant, Grey, Hugh, Forrest, Miles, Quinn, Philip, Charlie…

Your turn!  What are your favorite baby names my dears? Ohhh this is such fun!


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  1. Emily

    Ooo I love this game! My favorite boy name is Caleb (which means bold), but I also like Henry, Phineas (just like you!), and Jacob.

  2. Andrea

    OMG! You are too cute! I do the same thing ALL the time! I literally sit around daydreaming of different names for my future children. Quinn is my fav from your list. I have also always loved the name Caiden or Carter.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Brookie — You can’t name a boy Lily, he will get beat up! Thankfully your children will probably be 6’5″! I love the rest. Tucker was the name of our first dog…a basset hound. Yessss. xoxoxo

    Andrea — Thank you for supporting my geek-iness! Carter is so handsome. Something about it screams high-powered, successful man! xoxo

    C’est Moi — So sweet! Love French names!!! xo

  4. Analiese

    Oh, I LOVE Jack and Jacob. My fiance is named Jason and his father is Joseph, so if we ever have a son, we’ll want to carry on the J name tradition.

  5. Piper

    You are too cute!! what fun :) i love your list of names (especially Finn and Grey – such great names) I’ve always loved the name Jacob (well, Jake!). Oh and our friends named their boy Alexander and call him Xander…love that :)

  6. Jocy

    Boy: Lucca (after one of my favorite cities), Finn

    Girl: Amara (means different things in different languages, including “unfading” in Greek), Kennedy. My friend claimed Allegra for her child. I like that name too.

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Analiese — We have to name our first son John actually (family tradition…), but plan to call him Jack. My gradfather, uncle, step-dad and little brother are all Josephs : ) xoxo

    Piper — Xander, how fun!!!

    Jocy — Lucca, love it! Reminds me of sleek italian gentlemen!

  8. Amanda

    I’m with you on Sebastian (or Sebastien) and Grey. The next name on our boy list is Landon – that kind of fits with my Aidan and Owen, don’t you think? I want another boy! xoxo

  9. Modern Traditionalist

    I love Jack as a boy’s name. It’s my father’s name but I really just love that it’s a manly name. And Philip is my boyfriend’s name so of course I love it! My best friend just had a little boy named Nathaniel, which I adore!

    I also love:
    William (Liam)
    Harrison (Harry)


  10. Joanna

    I’ve always liked Luke or Sebastian…but my husband didn’t so we named our little boy Declan. And it fits him to a T. Now that’s my favorite name.

  11. Jillian

    My fiance and I totally agree on girls’ names (Olivia, Chloe, Emily) but he hates the boys’ names I love!! I would name our son Mason or Griffin; his vote is for James.

  12. Katie Armour Post author

    Amanda — Wishing you a Landon! You are going to have one BIG family—I love it!!

    Iconic — Christopher, such a classic!

    MT — Oh my Harrison called Harry, you just made my heart skip a beat!

    Joanna — Declan, that is fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever met a Declan and now I want to : )

    Jillian — Ohh the great debate! The good news is Mason, Griffin and James are all handsome names so you really can’t go wrong, right? xo

  13. Kate

    J and I do this all the time! For boys: Michael, Lawrence, Dominic, Anthony, Jude, Jordan, Trent, Raymond, Patrick, Aidan… I could go on. I’ll share my girl’s names another day. They’re my fave. xoxo

  14. Chloe

    Forrest was my grandfather’s name and is one of my favorites as well. Love the names Kate!

  15. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — Girl names are more fun, aren’t they? Adding Lawrence and Jude to my list!!!

    Chloe — Isn’t it so handsome? One of my all time favorites!! Your grandfather must have been one cool gentleman! xo

  16. Alaina at LiveCreatingYourself

    How does one pronounce Declan? Like – Day-clon? Am I an idiot?

    Charlie always has been and always will be my first choice for a lil’ boy. And most English names… Henry is a good one. If an English king or prince has been named it, odds are I like it.

    : )


  17. Katie Armour Post author

    Alaina — English princes, this is why I love you. Since ours will have the last name Armour (just the English spelling for knight-in-shining-armor) I think an old English first name would be fantastic. Oh and I think Declan is pronounced “deck-lan”, but I could be wrong… xo

  18. Stacie

    Love your list! A few months ago I found a notebook from right after we got married of baby names, it made me smile – all the dreams.

    We always had a much easier time agreeing on boy names, of course as it ended up we only have one boy and two girls! Our son is a fifth also so not much choice in his name but I still love it: Clayton Dowen – he goes by his middle name, Dowen.

    If we had another boy I would have wanted to use the name Hudson.

  19. Joanna

    I like really traditional names for boys: James, Edward, Jack, Oliver. I also like Gavin and Aidan, but unfortunately those names are so played out now.

  20. Corinna

    I always have a harder time thinking of names for boys :) I like the name Walker in addition to your list, but I also want a name that works in both Spanish and French, so that would cross out the name. John wants to name all his children (which he says will be all boys…) different versions of his name: Jean (French), Juan (Spanish), Sean (Galic)…. haha, it will be a difficult decision when that time comes!

  21. Karlee

    This is so fun! (I also dream about this often:) And I normally don’t share for fear that people will steal my names, but I think I’m over it! Future boy names (as decided on by my husband and I): Cash Lawrence, Jagger Alston, and Cru Hudson!

  22. Katie Armour Post author

    Stacie — Clayton Dowen?! That is ADORABLE!

    Debbie — Jordan and Logan so classic. I especially like Logan for a girl, so chic.

    Kiri — North, now that’s awesomely original. We could never use it though because John is directionally challenged and it would be a running joke…

    Staley — Isn’t Charlie just the cutest? Love it.

    Joanna — I know what you mean about certain names being played out. I want to use something original, but it seems like all the cool names get overused eventually! We’ll see…

    Corinna — That’s hilarious! I should make my John compromise, if we have to name it our first son John is should at least be in a different language!

    Karlee — Cash, Jagger and Hudson?!? Can you say hip? I LOVE IT. You are going to have such cool kids. I promise not to steal them, besides, I don’t think I’m cool enough : ) xoxooxo

  23. Kirby

    you’ve got a good list going there! I like james and logan. I like many of the names on your list, so I might steal from you. ;)


  24. Katie Armour Post author

    Kirby — You’re allowed to steal : )

    Kiri — Willow, I loooooove it. So cute for a little girl.

    Becca — I love the nod to your family names! And do we have a Catcher in the Rye fan here? xoxo

  25. KateMcG

    Oh this is so much fun! I feel like I’m writing you a note in high school!

    Boys names: John, Patrick, LOVE Declan- adding that to my list, Finn, Conor

    Girls names: Erin, Clare, Rory, Emerson, Adelaide, Marie

  26. BB Wooten

    To continue our literary theme…

    Our favorite boy name is Whitman Bradly. (Whitman for the much-loved Walt, and Bradly is my maiden name.) We would call him Whit.

    Our #1 girl name is Charlotte Bradly. (Charlotte for my favorite Bronte sister, and again Bradly is a family name.) We’d call her Bradly.

  27. alison

    those are adorable names. what’s funny is that i spend so much time coming up with cute girl names that i never think of the boy list.
    i guess if i ever get pregnant i can put more thought into it then!
    xox alison

  28. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — I think we started our baby name lists in boarding school!!! Love all of yours, but you already knew that… xo

    BB — You’re my hero. These are FANTASTIC. John and I would love to have a literary vein running through all our children’s names. Our pug is named after a poet (Lord Alfred Tennyson) and we plan to get a second and name him Edgar (for Poe!). xoxo

    Alison — You have pleanty of time… I have years…I’m just a weirdo ; ) xo

  29. Anna Petey

    Be careful…as a pediatrician, I can tell you that Quinn is the next popular girls name–what Avery and Ava were from 2000-2005. And for the love, the names that rhyme with ‘aiden’ have GOT to stop!! For both sexes, there are so many Aidens, Cadens, Jaydens, Xaidens, Braydens, the different spelling even go beyond the rhymes…! Those names should be retired. I like classic ones–those can’t get old or go out of style!! i.e. Jack and Katherine will forever remain cute and stately.

  30. Katie Armour Post author

    Anna — Uh oh…if I name my little boy Quinn he’ll have to share it with a bunch of little girls?? Sigh. It’s okay, John insists our first be Jack. And I’m a Katherine, glad to hear we will forever remain cute! I never thought about it, but pediatricians probably know more about name trends than anyone out there… Thanks for stopping in! xo

  31. Lindsay

    This is such a cute post. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that daydreams about future baby names. Another favorite pastime is picking out puppy names (Lulabelle, Brooks, and Baylor are favorites). For baby names of the non-furry variety I’m a fan of recycling family names. Graydon, Liston, and Maclean are a few in the bfs family and John seems to be the favorite in mine. xx

  32. Lauren

    I, like one of your other readers, have a fear of sharing my favorite baby names because I want my kids to remain original, but since I am 20 and no kids are in my near future… why not?!
    Girl names:
    Family: June, Bernice
    Literary: Harper, Austen
    Music: Billie
    Film: Amelie
    Political: Franklin (also because of Franklin CH)
    Cause I like it: Murphy, Melodie (that was the name of the baby doll my mom sewed for me when she was pregnant with me)
    Boy names:
    Family: Kincaid, Westley, Walter,
    Literary: Atticus (!!!), Holden, Darcy, Rhett
    Music: Van
    Film: Grigg, Hugh, Ike
    Political: Lincoln
    Cause I like them: Grayson, Phoenix

  33. Elizabeth Rose

    I’ve always liked Cameron, Geoffrey, Benjamin, Rome, Matthew, Caleb, Cade, Connor, Andrew, Ian, Ryan. Something about those Anglo-Saxon names. After all it’s just like Mr. Oder said, “I’m not looking for Mr. Right. I’m looking for Mr. Right NOW!!”

  34. Katie Armour Post author

    Lauren — I love you. SOOOOO many good ones. I want to name our first daughter Harper Flynn. I think you’d approve. You need to come visit us in SF by the way, I’m convinced we’re soul mates.

    Elizabeth Rose — Mr. Oder, hahaha. Oh the memories. You’re going to have such cute babies someday missy! xo

  35. emily

    My soon to be’s name is Sam Preston, so we’ll have another Sam. To go with Sam I like Henry, Owen, Gabriel (Gabe) and Ike. Girl’s names are so much more fun – I love Evelyn (Evie), Emery, Avery, Olivia and Cate (my middle name is Catherine). Family names are so special! Love your lists :)

  36. KateMcG

    Anna- So interesting to hear from a pediatrician on this matter- I had NO idea Quinn was that popular!!!

  37. Stevi

    I love the name Ethan as well! I also like Joaquin, Christopher for boys, and that is all I can think of right now. I have a list somewhere….

    My girls list, well that is a whole different story for a different day.

    Love all your picks though!

  38. Haydee

    Not Ridiculous at all! I did the same thing and was so grateful I did! You think it’s so far away and then you blink and suddenly you’re panicking wishing you had a list of names already:) So funny! Genevieve, Georgia, Dylan, Finn, Cameron, Jack & Lucas were all on our list too!!:) Really though, this is a fun time enjoy it:)

  39. Tod

    i adore your list!! and what wonderful names! i can’t wait to see your girls name list!! i love the name Colton as well. it was my grandmothers maiden name but i think it works well as a first name for a little boy.

  40. CEO

    I love this game… So much fun.
    I already have one Sophia- Avalon Chloe

    Girl Names
    Keni- my dad’s name is Kenneth I think it’s cute for a girl any opinions most people don’t approve :(

    Boy Names

    Of the names that were listed I love Harrison.. so cute


  41. Alaina @ LiveCreatingYourself.

    Two more things since this our only means of communication
    1. LOVE Declan so much more than Day-clon. hahah

    and 2. your reply comment just made my night! You’re birthday tweet to Nate last week was beyond sweet. I love blog friends! : )

    Ok, good night!

  42. Katie Armour Post author

    CEO — I think a girl named Keni could be adorable. Honestly as long as a kid has confidence I think they can pull just about anything off. I’m sure your little Keni would the coolest : )

    Alaina — I just told John what you wrote and we’re cracking up. “Day-clon” priceless…hahahaha

  43. Kate Collins

    My personal favorite is Miles. That is a family name for us that goes back many generations. I have a brother, uncle, grandfather, great grandfather and three cousins named Miles. I love that name! But I’m big on family names, sadly my husband is against them.

  44. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — Oh no! You must convince your hubby that Miles is it!! I love that name, how fun for it to be part of your family’s legacy.

    Jordan — Judah, I like it! Makes me think of a strong, good-looking young man…

    Erin — Diego…very handsome indeed! It’s okay to be biased, we all are! xo

  45. Jenn

    My nephew’s name is actually Myles Patrick. I like his name. Oliver is also a good name. I live Jasper, Jacob, and Finn.

  46. Heidi

    Love your blog!!

    I adore Ava and Ellie for girls and Oliver and Henry for boys! I agree thinking of children’s names can be so much fun!

  47. Design Darling

    our lists are weirdly similar! my brother’s name is grayson (play on grey, which we call him more often than not) and my other brother’s middle name is oliver. i love charlie, jack, and miles too! what a fun idea for a post. your blog is the BEST.

  48. Jenny

    Well, I never made a list of boys names since we knew we were having a girl, but I love:
    Archer (my BFF’s middle son’s middle name)
    Hunter (my hubby’s middle name)

    The other girl’s names on our list that didn’t make the cut were:
    Liberty (would have called her Libby)

  49. Vanessa

    I just found your website today and absolutely adore it! I’ve had my baby names list going since grammar school and now that I am pregnant can’t believe it’s actually a reality to pick a name! Here are some of my personal favorites:

    Boys: Jake, Edmund (for a middle name – it’s my Dad’s first name), Sebastian, Atherton, Huntington (call him Hunt), Preston, Beau, Asher, Jameson, Sayles (again family name, it’s my Dad’s middle name), Dorian, Porter, Chadwick, and Truesdale.

    Girls: Carolina (call her Coco), Mattea, Claiborne, Georgina, Victoria, Cordelia, Theodora (call her Teddy), Simone, Sloane, Luella, Camden, and Whitney.

  50. Lovely Mrs

    Oooh – i know this is an older post but Dear Hubby and i are expecting baby boy #2 in February – our son, Miles Boyer, is 15 months old (will be 17 months when little brother arrives). We agreed wholeheartedly on Miles (and Boyer is my maiden name) but are at a loss with second. Hubby likes more traditional “vanilla” names (Benjamin; James) and i prefer more “classical, scholarly” names (Levi, Quentin). Any suggestions? cannot end in a “e” or “y” sound. Thanks!

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