Vera Reinvented



The Metropolitan Museum of Art has created glicée prints on canvas showcasing four vintage scarves of textile maven Vera Neumann.   Did you know her linens could be found in the Truman White House and that John Lennon collected her paintings?  What a lady!  The two above are particularly sweet, don’t you think?

17 comments on “Vera Reinvented

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Deanna — If you look in vintage shops you never know! I come across beautiful Vera pieces fairly often!

    Connie — Bright and lively, exactly! xo

  2. Becca

    Love Vera! I made a bag out of one Vera scarf I found at a Goodwill…I have a couple others waiting to be reinvented. She is just the essence of hippie and 70’s and the era I always feel like I should have been born in :)

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Iconic — I actually looked up the exhibit dates and couldn’t find them? Perhaps it’s already gone…?

    Ashlina — Glad you’re a Vera fan too!

    Becca — A Vera scarf bag, I love it! Her stuff is so very sixties/seventies, I love it for the same reason. xoxo

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