Summer Chic



Love her or hate her, Olivia Palermo knows how to put together some cute ensembles.  I saved these photos from RDuJour last September in my style files and it’s finally warm enough to pull them out again.  How fun are her metallic oxfords and sailor stripes?  Traditional with a twist!

15 comments on “Summer Chic

  1. Nichole

    omg i love this post / photo. haha and im totally in study group reading neo-trad… SUCH a good law student ;)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Nichole — When you fail out of your law school please don’t tell your mom it’s my blog’s fault—kidding, “best oral advocate”! Love you!

    Helena — I agree : )

    Dancing Branflake — Isn’t it though? xo

    Style Chronicle — Great minds think alike!

  3. Roxy Te Owens

    She is fast becoming my new style icon, but I dare say that I do possess more tact and better people skills if she’s really like she is in “The City” ;)

  4. Lindsay

    lovely! and as always, i am just catching up on all the blogs after another week away (end of semester, you know the drill!) and i just love all your posts! the baby names post is definitely a fave (i have a running list, thought i was the only one, and was embarrassed to tell anyone! i’m so happy i’m not alone!)
    also, that yachting advert is soooo the euro/arab kids in CH- things haven’t changed much :)
    the tie john got is so nice! i found a similar resource on etsy and am thinking of getting one for my dad for father’s day :)

  5. Lindsay

    p.s. i’m also jealous of Olivia’a ability to tan like that… i have to build up a tan slowly all summer, or else i just burn terribly. lucky lady!

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