Marvelous Mugs



The second I saw these Penguin book mugs I thought of John.  I can already see him sipping his morning coffee out of Dubliners or Sherlock Holmes.  Of course I would drink from Austen or Woolf or perhaps Fitzgerald…?  What a cute gift for the book worm in your life!

(image two)

19 comments on “Marvelous Mugs

  1. Haydee

    These are awesome! Great gift idea. I’m going to check them out now. P.S. I just made my first purchase from your shop!:)

  2. Leslie

    I love these! I really want the pursuit of love mug. but they are all so classy. want is a better combo than hot chocolate and books!?

  3. Victoria

    These are fabulous!
    Do they have Love In A Cold Climate???\

    Had tech. problems lately to leave comments. Hope today will work!
    Love your posts!


  4. Lindsay

    Earlier this year I bought the Penguin Classics postcard set of 100 titles. We made a big gallery wall in our living room out of our favorites! Obviously I’m a fan of these as well :) xx

  5. Kirby

    after reading discovering your blog I have lists of gifts I could give to different people in my life. You have no idea how much time this saves me!


  6. KateMcG

    SOOO CUTE!! It was raining here in DC today- a Pride and Prejudice hot cocoa would have been right up my alley :)

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