Bringing the outside in…



I can’t stop drooling over these white trellis walls by decorator Ashley Whittaker.  I love how they bring the garden indoors and add such texture and dimension.  Not to mention the warm wicker and accents of orange and buttery yellow—pure perfection!  Saving in my “dream seaside cottage” file.  Do you have one too?

(House Beautiful)

15 comments on “Bringing the outside in…

  1. Jane

    How lovely – you better invite me over for afternoon teas complete with scones and finger sandwiches there! Perfection* XOX, Jane

  2. hip hip gin gin

    Love the trellis walls! I wonder if one could get a potted rose bush to climb up the wall? How amazing would it be to sip tea surrounded by english roses!
    This is exactly the type of thing that makes it into the dream file!

  3. CEO

    English Roses are divine…… and I absolutly want to touch this room the texture is wonderful……….


  4. lacqueredlife

    I have used the picture before, so fabulous. Similar to the dining room featured in the first issue of Lonny Magazine or in Domino! It looks especially good in this living room because of the tray ceiling, and the ability to extend the trellis further!

  5. Emily

    Love these trellis walls! Stunning. My dream cottage is one in the English countryside – not unlike the one lived in by the Dashwood sisters in the film version of Sense and Sensibility!

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Ashlina — So smart right? It’s been done all the way back to the days of Elsie de Wolfe and yet this looks for fantastically fresh!

    Lacquered Life — I always adore your comments because they’re so educational!!! You’re absolutely right about the tray ceiling, it just makes it, doesn’t it?

    Emily — This is why we’re friends. I hear you dear girl, someday!!!

  7. Elizabeth Rose

    I think the rose Mrs. Herbert Stephens would look perfect in there. Though it is a white rose so it might get lost amongst the trellis but then it gives the wall a maze feel or a secret garden feel. And just saying Mrs. Herbert Stephens feels sooo British. :) I’m also very partial to Ivy so that could look great there too!

  8. Brandi

    I’ve never seen anything like this before! I’d do walls like this in a little studio, one that was detached from the house. It’d kind of be my own seaside retreat right in my back yard.

  9. Decor Arts Now

    Beautiful room! Did you know that legendary decorator Elsie de Wolfe pioneered the whole trellis thing. She sometimes put mirror behind the trellis to reflect back into the space as well. Best, Lynn

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