Boy Meets Girl


I am in awe of the girliness of this pillow by Elizabeth of IVIEMADE.  I just adore the masculinity of the ticking stripe done up with the big feminine bow.  Something about it strikes me as so very Coco-Chanel-Goes-To-Normandy.  Forgive me my loves, I’m on a bit of a seaside kick…

25 comments on “Boy Meets Girl

  1. Natalie

    Oh CUUUTE. Not only do I love the stripes and the bow, I love the “Boy Meets Girl” post title. You’re good, Katie Armour, real good. XO

  2. Hanna

    Oh my oh my, If you give her a nautical pillow, she will want a lake house to go with it! I knew mom should not have read me that book as a child! Tres perfect!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Elizabeth — Oh please, we both know your ARE one! Anything I can do to help! xo

    Elizabeth — I know! I was so temped to post the mustard one too. So perfect for spring!

    Hanna — Loved that book too! You crack me up. I understand completely.

  4. Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    You have NO idea how long I’ve been searching for some appropriate “boy meets girl” throw pillows for the white armchairs in my new place (just moved in to a new apartment with my boy and am *trying* to decorate to fit both of our styles). Her pillows just made it to the top of my wish list! Thank you, thank you!

  5. Brandi

    Elizabeth’s work is just fantastic. I’m so glad you featured it, Katie. And this new pillow? I think it’s my favorite yet.

  6. Kirby

    isn’t she amazing?! I not only love her bows and ruffles but I love the fabrics, colors and textures!

    Way to go E!

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