12 comments on “Strike a Pose

  1. Merritt

    Katie! How do you do it?! You post so much fun material; I love poring over it after a long day at school. I HAVE to have the umbrella print you posted about earlier – so sweet. Thanks for all of the creative and cute posts.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Kirby — I know! When I studied abroad in France all my French “sisters” were positively divine!!!

    Fallon — Contradictory yet precise!!!

    Emily — Amen to that.

    Merritt — Awww, thank you!!! So glad you like my random little musings. xoxo

  3. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

    how are they SO chic?! all the time?

    just ONCE, i want to see a tacky jort-wearing mulleted french person in construction boots with black socks….at wal-mart.

    i’m sure they’d make that look chic too!

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