Beach Chic Bottles


These gorgeous one-of-a-kind bottles from Anthropologie would be perfect for display on your windowsill.  Each is crafted from 19th century glass bottles and found sea objects.  Aren’t they jaw-dropping-ly beautiful?  I especially love the barnacle bottle…it’s $298 price tag, not so much…sigh.

15 comments on “Beach Chic Bottles

  1. Shannon

    I saw these the other day when I was perusing their website (a more frequent activity than I’d like to admit). I loved them when I saw them. I have always wanted a starfish, but I think I’ll take to combing beaches before I pay $298 for one.

  2. Piza

    Look at follow the links through cross bottles to the sea life sculptures. Sea life on antique bottles, silver candlesticks and architectural salvage can be found there for way, way less, and are even more beautiful.

  3. Brandi

    Where does Anthro find these things? And why do they tempt us so? Oh, those price tags hurt. Perhaps some flea markets would make me feel better.

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