Jenna Lyons, Style Goddess

Just stumbled upon this Lucky Magazine interview with Jenna Lyons at the J.Crew headquarters and loved every second.  Thought you’d love it too : )  Who’s your fashion/style icon?

“I’d describe my look as a little tomboy, a little disheveled, and a little granny.” Jenna Lyons

19 comments on “Jenna Lyons, Style Goddess

  1. Emily

    Jenna is so cool. She has brought me back to J.Crew! My style icons are Michelle Obama (she rocks flats that us tall girls all love), Emily Blunt, Naomi of the Rockstar Diaries, and Emma Pillsbury from Glee!

  2. Lindsay

    OMG. I’m obsessed w/ her. She wants to do something w/ puppies or interior design?! We are meant to be best friends! Love you for sharing this xx

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Emily — Okay I seriously love Michelle, Emily Blunt, Naomi and Emma Pillsbury. Kindred spirits, yesss. xo

    Lindsay — I died at the puppies and interior design part too! She’s pretty much our soul mate : ) xoxo

    Rikshaw — Love it! The first thing I thought was “wow I didn’t know a canadian tuxedo could be so chic!” haha

  4. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

    okay, sickest job EVER.
    I still have all of my Domino magazines (R.I.P) and i ALWAYS remember the one with her on the cover (and her awesome dark grey walls) and how effortlessly chic and how unconventionally beautiful she is!
    …and i live for slightly disheveled. ha. i can’t stand to be perfectly put together!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Elizabeth — Slightly disheveled is the story of my life! And that Domino issue was my all time FAVORITE. Unconventionally beautiful is right, I heart her so much.

    Amanda — I hadn’t seen it either! Happy to spread the Jenna love : )

  6. Lauren (downtown polish)

    wow she seems so down to earth and cool! I would have to say my style inspiration is my mom and I get tons of inspiration from all the women I see on the streets of NYC. Checking out people’s clothes is my favorite subway pass time.

  7. Ashley

    She’s gorgeous! I’m totally on the same page with her on shopping habits. Wish I had a more extensive shoe collection to play the shoe game with my two year old, what a great little ritual.

  8. Elizabeth Rose

    I love how classic Reese Witherspoon and Kate Middleton always look. Pretty much everything I ever see them in is simple but elegant. Which J.Crew always provides. Thank you Jenna!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Lauren — Your mom must be pretty fabulous! My mom could care less about clothes and fashion (weird, I know…), but she’s pretty chic regardless.

    Ashley — Isn’t that game so sweet? I’m afraid my shoe collection would get pretty redundant as well…

    Elizabeth Rose — Ummm, I’m obsessed with Kate Middleton. I miss you Kendall!

  10. Joanna

    I just discovered this video yesterday and loved it. She is such an inspiration! Jenna is dripping with style, though Andrea Linett is not slouch in the fashion department either.

  11. paula

    only she can pull off that much denim. Might have to start letting ellie pick out my shoes for the days, such a cute idea.

  12. Amy

    Joanna — I’m with you Linett was equally charming, no?

    Pink Champagne — I did! Talk about serious closet envy…sigh.

  13. Lindsay

    Oh my gosh- this is brilliant! also, I love how she’s wearing all denim and manages to look GREAT! that is not a look i would ever think could translate off the pages of a j.crew catalogue, but clearly she works it!

  14. Nicolette

    I abs. love what Jenna has done for the J.Crew company. She seems so down to earth and modest!

    Personally, my favorite style icons include Alexa Chung, Kate Beckinsale, and Katie Holmes.

    I love how Alexa Chung mixes nautical, boyish, and granny pieces together
    Kate Beckinsale always nails the red carpet with her perfect minis, gowns, or whatever she wears always looks great! and her casual style is rockin too

    Then Katie Holmes’s look is just so classy yet casual.

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