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I rarely post about pop culture as I am admittedly very out of the loop, but I recently started watching Glee online and am positively smitten.  Can we please reflect for a moment on the cuteness that is Miss Emma Pillsbury?  I just adore her colorful cardigans and bright costume baubles.  The girl even manages to make sweater clips chic!  Emma, I heart you and sincerely hope you score Will Schuester in the end.

Any fellow Glee fans out there?


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  1. Lauren

    I love Glee and I love Emma’s style! She has the best jewelry collection. The most recent episode (The Power of Madonna) gave me a desire to go out and recreate the necklace she wore.

  2. Merritt

    I absolutely adore her. Those bangs! I am not a full-fledged Glee fan, but when I get more time this summer, I definitely want to catch up on all the episodes.

  3. Blaze

    I just started watching glee, and Emma is definitely cute!! How fun!

    I just found your cute blog! Glad I did! :)

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Lauren Stacks

    I love Glee! I just watched the Hello episode last night (I’m so behind in everything in my life right now) and plan on watching the Madonna episode today or tomorrow. Just last night, I was thinking about how adorable Emma is and how much I love her big doe eyes.

    XX Lauren Stacks [book ends]

  5. Kirby

    my fiance is a fan. he just started watching. he started watching because everyone would tell him that he ‘looks like that guy on glee’. I wouldn’t be able to tell you his character name but I think he is the jock? haha… look who is out of the loop on pop culture now!


  6. kiri

    Emma Phillsbury IS a j.crew girl! every episode can be tagged w/an item accessories or otherwise.

  7. Alexandra

    LOVE Glee! And Emma is adorable. Although Sarah who said the purple nightie was sad – TOTALLY agree. For a girl with such a cute wardrobe, you’d think they’d be able to come up with something a little more…. adorable than the granny nightie they put her in. Nevertheless – the Madonna episode was absolutely one of my favorites of the season, and i’ve been watching since Day 1!

  8. amy

    Yes, I love Glee and love Emma Pilsberry! I’m such a dork for Glee that I recorded the pilot back when it aired the first time and forced all my friends to watch it! In the end, they totally thanked me for holding them hostage. Of course, we had to wait a few weeks (months maybe?) before it really started. But it was worth the wait!

    I was thinking of doing a blog post on her cute style as well. Hope you don’t mind if I carry on spreading the Emma Pilsberry love?

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Carolyn — SO jealous! My little brother and I saw the girl that plays Rachel in Spring Awakening (front row seats, what a show!). I saw the show again after she’d been replaced, but it wasn’t as good without her. Radio City Music Hall will be such fun—I have fond memories of my grandfather taking us to see the Christmas Spectacular there! xoxo katie

  10. Erin

    Huge Glee fan. Before she was on Glee – she played Ugly Betty’s foil when she trapped Betty’s boyfriend into marrying her. She played more of a hippy/earthy character there – and yet she is PERFECT for Miss Pilsbury. :) Welcome to Glee. Hurry up and watch the first season so you can get caught up!

  11. Helena

    oh yes yes! isn’t she great, there are some great blogs about what she wears, so much fun, oh Rebekah just told you hahahaha! xo

  12. Brandi

    She’s one of my favs too! I have to tell you, I spent about two hours yesterday shopping online and trying to find some really cute Emma-inspired pieces for my wardrobe. I just love her sweet style.

  13. Lena

    Emma Pillsbury is one of the best reasons to watch Glee. Although Sue Sylvester makes me laugh so hard there are often tears streaming down my face. I’m so glad you started watching it!

  14. Lindsay

    I am a Glee addict! it is HUGE at school right now (at least among people i know…..everyone i know who has watched it loves it) and there was a viewing session last week for the new season :)

  15. Piper

    I’m a huge Glee fan…it’s so adorably cool and cute! anytime anyone’s breaking out into song and dance, i’m there!! i’m a former dancer so i can’t get enough of things like this – why can’t i have a glee club at work? :)

  16. Things That Inspire

    I love this show – my favorite and one of the only shows I am watching these days! I love to track Emma’s mood with her hair style. It seems like the style is much more relaxed these days, which is hopefully a good sign for her mental state!

    She is even prettier in that ‘real life’ picture. Her skin is picture perfect. I wonder if she is a natural redhead?

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