Traveling Umbrellas





These charming screenprints of red umbrellas around the globe made me smile.  The artist, Megan Nolton, has depicted couples everywhere from the cherry blossoms in D.C. to the gondolas of Venice.  I would choose the New York print because it reminds me of Sunday strolls with John through Central Park.  What city around the globe would be most meaningful to you and your love?

P.S. Did I mention each signed print is only $15?  Check out Megan’s shop to see all the different cities!

18 comments on “Traveling Umbrellas

  1. Quindome

    Oh, golly! These are so adorable. I can hear my wallet crying out for the Cherry Blossom print, as I have to represent my lovely little, D.C.!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Emily — She paints the red by hand with watercolor—isn’t it such fun?

    Quindome — The D.C. one is so charming! Your wallet will forgive you, they’re so affordable!

  3. Kate

    Those are too cute. Wouldn’t it be precious to have a number of these hanging in a little girl’s room? I think so!

  4. hip hip gin gin

    Beautiful! I wonder if she would take requests. I would love to have one from every place that is special to us, would make a great little collection over the years.

  5. Piper

    Oh wow – these are so beautiful. And affordable!! I just adore the pop of red and the different cities. Ooh, it would be fun if they had on of Sydney since my husband and I just went there last year. off to check!!

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