Natural Beauties


I just spent the past hour drooling over the selection of butterflies at The Evolution Store.  Above are some of my very favorites.  John bought me a pretty framed coral pink and marigold yellow one on the street in Manhattan and I treasure it to this day.  Perhaps nature’s the best artist of all?

9 comments on “Natural Beauties

  1. Lindsay

    i am OBSESSED with this shop, and it’s the one shop in soho i can get my guy friends excited about! in fact, it’s how i lure them down there- hehehe :)
    they love the taxidermied animals, i admire the butterflies, and then we go for lunch at spring street- yum!!

  2. Kirby

    I agree, you can’t get much better than Mother Nature herself! I’ve always loved butterflies. they are quite amazing if you ask me!

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