Elva Fields new additions!





Hurry ladies!  The darling Emily at Elva Fields has added some new beauties to her shop and as of five minutes ago the four above were still available (don’t even get me started on that white bow…).  Enter “FORMOM” at checkout for an additional 15% off your total.  You can thank me later! XO

P.S. Read our Plucky Pioneer interview with Emily here!

18 comments on “Elva Fields new additions!

  1. Quindome

    Ohh la la! That green is so appealing to my wee eyes! Hmm, wondering though if I don’t have some old necklaces I could use to make one?

  2. Haydee

    Absolute perfection! If it weren’t for you and her Plucky Pioneer interview I wouldn’t have found out about Elva Fields!:)

  3. Colleen @inspiredtoshare

    Seriously adorable. Katie, where do you recommend I look for jewelry for my bridesmaids? I Elva Fields but it’s a little out of my price range. I’m looking for classic/ vintage necklaces with punch. Just thought I’d ask! Thanks, xo

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