14 comments on “Guess who?

  1. Kirby

    don’t you just love gradeschool photos! I can’t even imagine what mine look like after all these years. I’m having a bit of nostalgia and want to look through old photos when i’m home again.

  2. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

    sidenote; i am slightly embarrassed to show a certain era of my life…(where are her glasses and bowl cut?! show me that pic)

    it’s great for these people that were so adorable…

    whatever. haha.

  3. Susan R.

    omygosh! my second grade photo looks almost like that–down to the middle parted hair, plaid smocked dress and barrettes on either side! too cute ;D

  4. Stacie

    Love her! I agree with Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper though, my grade school pics were not this cute! I’m talking super frizzy hair, side ponytail and braces, ugh!

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