Wise Words



These illustrated Jane Austen sayings by Brigida Swanson made me giggle.  How I envy her wit!  The dress designs hail from the Regency period and each piece is hand printed by the artist.  At only $16 each they’re an absolute steal!

11 comments on “Wise Words

  1. Kate

    Oh gosh – you almost shouldn’t have shown us these! They’re beautiful! I hope my daughters have Austen memorized by the time they’re 12.

  2. Brandi

    These are brilliant. The first one is hysterical, and really quite excellent advice. And so affordable!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Katie! {xoxo}

  3. say.la vie

    Katie, Katie. What am I to do with you? We barely met, and ALREADY my budget is going out the door. You show me so many lovely things, that I could easily convince myself to get.

    These are so beautiful! I need to have a little girl now..cause, I’d totally put these up in her room. (Hmm…maybe for future use…) :)

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