23 comments on “Zooey + Joseph Dance-Off

  1. EMILY

    oh my gosh Katie. I thought I was the only one STILL pining after this movie. So clever and cute. It tugged at my heartstrings JUST enough. Happy Friday! xox

  2. Lauren

    AHHH I totally die too! And then he revived me with those sweet eyes and adorable smile. Ha! But they featured the one of Natalie Portman on a website a few years back and I took the time too look through a few. I remember seeing his and being like, “Holy cow, that’s the kid from 3rd Rock and 10 Things!” He may just be my ultimate (alive) Hollywood crush. Check out his monologue on SNL. I love a man of many talents! And I totally have a girl crush on Zooey, how could you not?!

  3. Asphalt Runway

    I love it when couples are playful like that…dancing, being silly, etc. And if these two aren’t a couple then by jove! seems like they would make a beautiful couple.

  4. kelly ann

    oh how i LOVE this video… i watch it often, it’s so precious. zooey is basically my hero, and i’m kind of in love with joe. ;)

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